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How and Why Do We Celebrate Christmas? What manner of celebration shall we have for Christmas on December 25, 2022?

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Christmas, which is observed on December 25, is a holy religious event as well as a global cultural and economic phenomenon. People have been celebrating it with customs and rituals that are both religious and secular in nature for two millennia now. Christmas Day is marked by Christians as the anniversary of the birth of the spiritual figure whose teachings serve as the foundation of their faith, Jesus of Nazareth. Popular traditions include giving gifts, putting up Christmas trees, going to church, gathering with loved ones for feasts, and, of course, watching for Santa Claus. Since 1870, the United States has observed December 25 as a federal holiday known as Christmas Day.

The meaning of the term “Christmas”

Giving the ancient festival a new, holy name was a crucial first step in rebranding it. The term “Christmas” actually derives from the Old English word “Christ’s Mass,” which refers to the Catholic custom of having a special mass service to honour Jesus.

What Year Did Christmas Begin?

Around the world, the middle of winter has traditionally been a festive period. Early Europeans celebrated light and birth in the deepest winter days centuries before the arrival of the man known as Jesus. When the worst of winter was over and they could finally look forward to longer days and more hours of sunlight, many people celebrated the winter solstice.The Norse people of Scandinavia observed Yule from December 21, the winter solstice, through January. Fathers and sons would bring home big logs that they would light on fire to celebrate the sun’s reemergence. It could take up to 12 days for the wood to burn out after which the populace would feast. Each flaming spark, according to the Norse, was a pig or calf that will be born during the upcoming year.In most of Europe, the end of December was the ideal period for festivities. The majority of cattle were killed at that time of year so they wouldn’t need to be fed throughout the winter. Many people only have access to fresh meat during that time of year. Also, the majority of the wine and beer produced over the year had finally fermented and was ready for consumption.

During the midwinter festival, people in Germany paid homage to the paganism god Oden. Germans were scared of Oden because they thought he flew at night to watch his people and then select who would live and who would die. Many folks choose to remain indoors due to his presence.

Why Christmas Is Celebrated On 25 December?

Christians commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ, whom they believe to be the Son of God, by celebrating Christmas.

The Mass of Christ is where the word “Christmas” originates (or Jesus). Christians remember that Jesus died for us and rose from the dead during a Mass ceremony (also known as Communion or Eucharist). The only service that could be held after sunset (and before sunrise the following day) was the “Christ-Mass,” so many attended it after midnight! Christ-Mass is hence abbreviated to Christmas.Whether they are Christians or not, people now celebrate Christmas all around the world. It’s a time when friends and family join together to celebrate their blessings. People enjoy Christmas because it’s a time for giving and receiving gifts, especially youngsters.

Christmas Statistics

In just the United States, 30-35 million real Christmas trees are sold annually. In the US, there are roughly 21,000 Christmas tree growers, and it typically takes 15 years for a tree to be ready for sale.

Christmas gatherings in the Middle Ages were boisterous and rowdy, much like Mardi Gras celebrations today.

When Christmas was banned: From 1659 until 1681, Christmas celebrations were forbidden in Boston, with offenders subject to a five pound fine.In 1607, Captain John Smith’s colony of Jamestown drank the nation’s first batch of eggnog.

The red-and-green plant was introduced to America from Mexico in 1828 and was given the name poinsettia in honour of Joel R. Poinsett, an American minister to Mexico.

Since the 1890s, the Salvation Army has been distributing Santa Claus-adorned donation collectors to the public.

Robert L. May’s creation of Rudolph, “the most renowned reindeer of all,” was born in 1939. In order to draw customers into the Montgomery Ward department store, the copywriter created a poem about the reindeer.

The custom of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree dates back to construction workers in 1931.

Planning For Christmas

Every year, beginning in early December, you’ll start to hear individuals worrying about having their Christmas plans in order.

Whether they have completed enough preparation already, whether they are already behind schedule, or whether this year’s holiday will be enjoyable.

Nothing is more overwhelming than the uncertainty of whether something has been overlooked along the way, to put it mildly.It’s time to start planning and preparing for Christmas 2022 with only 9 weeks left. A Christmas mug with a cartoon reindeer skating on it is shown up close. A woman holding it has her nails painted in wintery colours of cream and blue, and she is sporting a festive jumper.Did you utilise our advice to begin planning for Christmas last week? Or are you still denying that there are now only nine weeks left till the big event?Even though you might still feel that it’s too early to make any serious plans, planning is the foundation of any successful event, and Christmas is no exception.

Create a Christmas menu.

It’s possible that the same dishes from your family’s favourites are on your Christmas menu every year since you have to prepare them. For instance, if I didn’t serve my Best Ever Christmas Ham on Christmas Eve, my family would be furious.

However, it’s fun to try something new each year, and for me, one of the best aspects of getting ready for Christmas is arranging the meal.

Make a decoration plan.

You may have compiled a list of the decorations you need to purchase for this year’s celebrations if you were feeling particularly organised following last Christmas. If not, however, don’t worry. It’s a good idea to consider whether you need to buy any new Christmas decorations now that they are beginning to appear in stores. Additionally, you could need to buy a new Christmas tree topper, replace your Christmas lights, or decide to decorate a new room in your house. Make a list for yourself right away so you can shop with an eye out for deals or the perfect décor.

Make a list of Christmas cards.

Making a list of everyone you want to send Christmas cards to now is a good idea if you want to do so this year. You’ll have plenty of time to verify addresses, search for the ideal cards, or perhaps even create some on your own.

Did you post your cards too late the previous year? If so, set a reminder on your phone and make a point to look up the last postal dates for Christmas in 2022 so you can be sure to send them on time this year. Keep in mind that you’ll also need to purchase stamps, and try to give yourself extra time for delivery just in case there are any further delays this year.

What To Do On Christmas 25 December 2022

It’s no wonder that you could find yourself looking for some new ideas for things to do on Christmas Day in 2022 because there’s something about this particular holiday that can make you feel like you’ve lived a complete life by midday.

View the Holiday Lights

The environment can appear a little dull once the leaves have all fallen from the trees and winter has arrived, especially in the lack of recently fallen snow. Because of this, the appearance of elaborate and beautiful Christmas light displays is a sight to behold. Make it a point to take a tour of your neighborhood’s (or a nearby neighborhood’s) holiday illuminations on Christmas Day to prolong the joy of the season. You can always pack the family into the car for a drive-through Christmas lights event if it’s too chilly to go on a tour on foot. Christmas cookies and hot cocoa are optional but highly advised.

Organize and give

Giving back is the best way to get into the festive mood on Christmas Day. But if you find yourself suddenly motivated to volunteer, remember that the majority of NGOs are overrun over the holidays and actually require assistance at other times of the year. Instead, clear some space for your new acquisitions by employing your best Marie Kondo techniques, after which you should donate gently worn items to charities like the Salvation Army, Dress for Success, Goodwill, and Soles4Souls. In addition to feeling fantastic about making some extra room in the closet, studies have shown that being good to others makes individuals happy.

Watch one or more Christmas movies.

From timeless black-and-white films (It’s a Wonderful Life, anyone?) that will make you tear up under the mistletoe. There is no shortage of fantastic Christmas movies for any gathering to enjoy, from comedy holiday classics that will make the whole family merry. For a Christmas Day viewing experience that guarantees plenty of festive vibes and goes well with a hot beverage, gather your friends or cuddle up alone. Not sure which movie to pick? Find a feel-good movie for viewers of all ages by looking through our choice of Christmas classics.

Prepare a Christmas Eve Feast.

The purpose of the holidays is to spend time with loved ones, and what better way to do that than with an abundance of delectable food? Get your oven gloves back on and gather your helpers for a few hours in the kitchen now that you’ve had a full month to recoup from Thanksgiving. The result will be an Instagram-worthy spread and an opulent supper befitting the celebration, made even better by the company you enjoy it with.

Construct A Gingerbread House

This traditional holiday pastime is a great way to spend time with the family and is also a craft that is especially kid-friendly (just beware the sugar rush). The interactive project will keep everyone occupied after the mad rush to open presents has subsided, and the prospect of future eating should keep the Christmas joy alive for at least a few more days. Tip: For an additional challenge, attempt to replicate some of your favourite decorations by making gingerbread houses after taking a tour of your neighborhood’s Christmas lights.

 Visit The Mall

Nothing like a pleasant trip to the mall and a little retail therapy to get rid of that post-lunch, we-can’t-wait-till-dinner mid-afternoon malaise. Take a photo with Santa, reward yourself with something sweet, and hell, maybe even get yourself a nice gift (or two) because, let’s face it, you can never have too many presents.

Put On A Holiday Classic.

Because acting out the beloved story will be much more enjoyable than simply watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas. (Since the movie runs for an hour and 45 minutes, we advise performing the book.) Other worthy choices? A Charlie Brown Christmas, Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer, Miracle on 34th Street, and many more. Even the family members who couldn’t travel can participate through Zoom.

Organize a White Elephant Gift Swap.

Unfortunately, the joy of giving and receiving gifts will be over once the wrapping paper has been obscenely torn off the last package beneath the tree. Unless you had a white elephant party planned on Christmas Day. Since selfishness is the goal of the game, it has a further element of surprise anonymity and is a lot of irreverent fun.

Take part in a Candy Cane Hunt

Yes, you don’t need to wait until Easter to give your kids the opportunity to scour the house and yard for candy. Simply hang or otherwise conceal some candy canes, then watch as the young sugar addicts sprint around in search of the prize. When it comes to stashing candy canes, there is no shortage of good hiding places, so this activity can last as long as you like. If you play the game outside, stir-crazy kids can also get some much-needed fresh air.


The true meaning of Christmas is to consider how to make others the happiest possible while sacrificing oneself and thinking exclusively of others. Through Christmas, we learn that the world’s greatest achievements began with the birth of Jesus Christ.

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