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The Couple, Heidi Montage as Spencer Pratt welcomed their child Gunner Stone in the new world.

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The couple welcomed their son Gunner Stone into the new world on Sunday. Spencer Pratt and his partner Heidi Montage brought their son into the world on the weekend. Both beautiful partners welcomed their first son Gunner Stone into the world. A representative of the beautiful couple told Us Weekly, that the couple is very excited to welcome their first child and they are proud to have the new baby.

They are thanking  God for granting them a beautiful baby. Gunner Stone is a special addition to the family, according to his parents. His parent says, our small family is going to increase with Gunner Stone’s addition.

The couple has already revealed the news that they are expecting a new baby in near future. They broke the news on social media accounts related to the new incoming baby. According to Pratt, we are ready to welcome our new baby into the world. On Sunday, the baby came with beautiful features, his weight was 6 pounds and 12 oz. His length was 19 inches.

Heidi Montage

In a recent interview with The Sun, according to the former star of The Hills, we are expecting our baby shortly and the newborn baby will be a reality and social media star. He was born as a star according to the couple. We have already locked his social media accounts, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter because he has bundles of Instagram stories.

His father Pratt said, my son, will come with the latest technology. I don’t think he has an iPhone X and be overwhelmed although I have an X. Spencer says, he has a bundle of his birth pictures to share on Instagram stories. As Spencer Pratt said his son was born a star and he shared his son’s photo was more traditional.

Although, the couple had already revealed that their son would come in August or October. Pratt shared a video clip of her wife’s baby bump on social media. While pep-talking, he said, oh my dear son, can you hear me, your mother is pregnant and you can’t come out early. I know, you will come out after a week or more while rubbing on her wife’s baby bump.

Heidi Montage

Heidi Montage

Heidi Montage

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