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Hayley Stommel Welcomed Her Second Child With Her Husband

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The couple welcomed their second baby in the world. Tyler Hubbard of the Florida, Georgia Line, and his wife Hayley Stommel warmly welcomed their second child in the new universe.

They are very happy on this big day of their son’s birthday. Actually, the new member is a beautiful addition to the family. His parents are very happy to see him in this world. However, he is a partner of the pre-existing child.

Luca Reed, the beautiful name of the new baby. This name was commonly given to him by his both parents. Daily Mail.com first broke the news of Luca Reed’s birthday on August 20, 2019.

Tayler Hubbard is a singer and guitarist of the Florida Georgia Line. He welcomed his second child with his lovely partner Stommel. They named their child ‘Luca Reed’. His birthday took place in Nashville on Monday at 3:40 am.

The newborn baby came with beautiful features as his weight was 8 pounds and 11 ounces. He was 20.5 inches tall and his father Hubbard supported his wife until his birth. The couple was very excited to see him in the world. Actually, he was a new addition to their small family.

Hubbard was very happy with the efforts of his wife throughout the pregnancy period. So, he praised his wife as I was absolutely amazing to see her courage and patience. Honestly, her firm courage and determination made it easy at all. Tayler Hubbard says it is a great privilege for me to live with such a strong and positive woman, she is stunning human being and a wonderful mother.

Further, he says, she is very special for me. He adds his feeling about his wife on Instagram. They have spent four years together in relationship. The Florida musician says, words are both enough to express my love and emotions for her, in true meaning she is not less than an angel for me. We have seen the miracle of life together. Our unstoppable love make us stronger and we find the world’s beauty in each other.

Hayley Stommel

I am very thankful to God for blessing us with a healthy and beautiful son Luca, it is a sweet fruit of our prayers indeed. Luca come in the world with ease. The musician said, I was not sure the life would be so easy for us, but it happened and we both have seen this miracle.

Hubbard says, I am very thankful to Katie Kauss, who is a photographer, the musician and singer thanked her for capturing their memorable moments and telling their story to people. Hayley says, Luca resembles in many features with Liv.

She says, he repeats the same habits like Liv. Further, she says, we could not wait for welcome him. I was with him when Hubbard flew away from last weekend and I was very happy for his support and care for me, he made me home at time.

In June, the couple arranged a party to announce the name of newborn baby at their home. I’m Nashville. They named their son Luca and then explained the reason of giving him this name.

Hubbard said that the meaning of Luca is the bringer of light, this special name made us remind beautiful and joyful moments of Italy. His middle name is Reed Tayler so, I want to add some piece of my name with his name as Luca Reed.

Hayley Stommel

Hayley Stommel

Hayley Stommel

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