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Harry Potter engagement ring had many colored stones

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A Harry Potter fan got a very special engagement ring from his fiancé. He designed the ring by using diamond and colored stones from Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff and even did not involve Professor Flitwick in designing the ring.

Reddit user Katiemack777 posted a picture of her new three-part jewelry on the internet this week. The ring has a diamond in the center, but also features four gemstones in red, blue, green, and yellow to represent Hogwarts houses.

She posted the pictures on Reddit and wrote: ‘I love you and I love how much creativity you used to make it valuable. I appreciate how much work you put into this.’

‘My fiancé knows that Harry Potter is important to me as he is. He knows my love for Harry Potter, so he designed this special and adorable ring for me’, she added. The Redditors agreed that she is lucky to have a man like him who is a true ‘keeper’. They gave 150 points to her fiancé for his outstanding work.

The ring has a round diamond in the center and features three rings fused through a gold band. The two outer bands contain smaller diamonds with four precious stones in the colors of Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Slytherin, and Hufflepuff.

Katiemack777 explained that the yellow and blue are both sapphires while the green stone is Tsavorite and the red stone is a ruby. Her fiancé made the design of the ring himself and then went to Shane Co. to turn his dream into reality.

In 2017, Uriel Palma proposed to his girlfriend Trechsel Hall. Uriel from Florida gave the engagement ring to his girlfriend on their special day. He put the ring in a box that was looking like a Golden Snitch and spent 60 hours handcrafting this box for a diamond ring. There was no way to open the box except by using a tiny charm. The shape of the charm must be like a Nimbus 2000 broomstick.

Harry Potter

The ring inside the box turned out to be a double dose as Hall can use the inside ring as well as the snitch box, which looked like a necklace.

Palma took help from different jewelers of New Zealand, including Asher Freeman to have it made. He posted the pictures of the ring on his Reddit account and his post earned thousands of likes and hundreds of comments.

He also wrote a lovable caption for his fiancée: ‘She is extraordinary, so I needed to have an extraordinary ring for her. I thought about the design for many days and finally, I turned out my dream into a better reality. The ring is fabulous.’

Now the ring of Harry potter fan puts the fansernet on fire and inspired them a lot. Ontario-based jewelry designer Miranda Scott’s designed a ring having a golden topaz as the central stone and two silver wings off to the sides. He sells this Golden Snitch ring on Etsy and earns a good profit.

There are countless pieces of Potter jewelry available online, particularly on Etsy. The designers have been designing the key elements of Quidditch, a competitive sports team in Harry Potter, for big special occasions for years. They also copy the designs of jewelry worn by Wizards in the Potter series.

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