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Greice Santo Jane the Virgin star hit the sex molesters through a song.

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Greice Santo, Jane the Virgin star sang a song in which she hit the sex predators. In her first single ‘VOCE VOCE’ she raises her voice through song against men who disgrace the female sex molesting.

She stood for those who have caught by sex predators. In her first song she mentioned her point of view against sex abusers and she highlighted the dignity of women.

Multitalented star, who is model, actress and singer started her career with grace and hoping to be the voice of hidden crimes. Her debut song released on 6 April in which she hit the sex molesters and bad persons.

The star is thinking to empower the female to fight against such people. And her first song released in fever of women who have caught by sex predators.

Humberto Gatica, who has record to win Grammy for 16 times, he is the producer of the song in which Greice Santo hit the sex predators and sex abusers. He has an honor to work with the king of pop Michael Jackson.

The producer also worked with actors such as Madonna and Mariah Carey. Greice Santo was born in Brazil, she revealed many incidents of her life. According to her statement, many people harassed her throughout her career.

She said, I inspired by #MeToo movement to stand against the sex predators and molesters. I have planned to hit them through my music. Brazilian born star hit the sex predators through her song and stand against the sex predators after inspiring #MeToo movement.

Jamie Ciero wrote “ The empowering track” who filed a trial against Disney against last year by claiming that the popular frozen song “Let It Go” was inspired by his Volar.

Greice Santo

Music producer David Foster, a legendary musician has won the Grammy Award 16 times in his career, he gave the seal of approval to Greice Santo’s song. Her song also got a thumbs up from this legendary music producer.

The Brazilian born star and singer is ready to release her song in which she hits the sex predators and hoping to empower the sex preyed women.

Her first single ‘VOCE VOCE’ was released on 6 April, she is thinking to enable the women to combat sexual harassment and sexual abuse. She also revealed that she has been sexually molester many times during her career and inspired by MeToo movement.

The star said, I want to stand against the sex predators by spreading awareness through music. DailyMail.com broke a video in with the legendary music producer David Foster was listening to the track in his house in Los Angeles before giving thumbs up to the camera.

He has worked with many others stars including Christian Aguilera, Celine
Devon, Jennifer Lopez, Michael Bubble and with the king of pop Michael Jackson.

The Brazilian born star says, I love modeling and acting, but I’m very keen to start my singing career. Actually, I want to convert my feelings and words into a song.

I am thinking to focus on the basis issues related to women and I want to be hope for such sex molested women. My aim is to stand against the sex predators and empower the sexual harassed women to combat with sex predators, she reveals it in her interview with DailyMail.com.

My story resembles with many others women of the industry, like me.They harrassed me and many other females of industry  sexually . It took place  many times.

I am well aware, how it feels to face insult exploit, but it’s my time to take revenge by fighting back. However, I’m very thankful to the #MeToo movement for encouraging me to fight against the sex predators and enable me to say : ‘No more’.

It’s my honor to work with the legend Humberto Gatica to eradicate this issue through singing. And I’m feeling that It is happening the same as I thought.

Greice Santo

Actually, it is like a dream come true for a person who grew up in poor Brazilian ghettos. This light pop song is a message for all sex predators and for those who misuse their power against the poor, it also for those who thought to stay away. Now, it’s time to stand and fight against them and it’s our time, no women should ever be victims of sex predators. The meaning of her track ‘VOCE VOCE’ in Spanish language how a woman thinks to go out and dance, but a person strangles her and offers her money and work in return for sex.

Last year, in a defaming case Santo accused that Daryl Katz, an honor of hockey team owner offered 1.5 million dollars to spend night with him.

Chile born an American producer said, Greice Santo decided to support all the women who have caught by sex predators during their work in industry. Santo encouraged them to share their stories as a part of the #MeToo movement.

She arranged 500 meals for all the poor and she dedicated her song to empower the women who bravely shared their stories at # MeToo movement’s platform. She says, I will empower women across the world through my music

Greice Santo

Greice Santo

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