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Glenn Jacobs will again participate in WWE event

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Before taking up his mayoral post, Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs will take part in WWE’s Super Show-Down pay-per-view event. The pro wrestler will once again participate in a World Wrestling Entertainment event in Australia on October 6.

The father of two started his career as a character in ‘Big Red Machine’ on national TV. Then he started a campaign to become Mayor of Knox County Tennessee. The 51-year-old Jacobs said: ‘I wouldn’t make any special appearance. All I want is to focus on running the county.’

In May 2018, he became Mayor of Knox County and remained a pivotal component of WWE’s ‘Attitude Era’. This year WWE arranged the Melbourne event in Australia as lathe largest collection of legends and superstars of WWE.

During the event, Glenn Jacobs also announced that WWE is going to donate $100,000 to the Knoxville Public Safety Foundation. This donation is because of making a series of appearances for WWE.

His fans are very loyal to him and always support him in his every step. He is famous among his fans for his distinctive appearance at the height of six foot eight inches while lifting a 300 pounds weight. But now he is working out only to keep himself in shape, not to bulk up.

Glenn Jacobs

In an Inter, a gets view he told about his new role: ‘This role fits in with my lifestyle and diet. My protein intake is very high or you can call me a burger connoisseur. There are many really good burger places around the town which appeal to you to eat burgers daily. These are not good for the health at all. I have to work out five or six days a week to detoxify the effect of these burgers.’

He continues to work out usually around 6 am and his priority is cardio for 30 to 40 minutes. After doing his cardio exercises, he starts working out for other body parts. He lifts weights and gets ongetse a bike or elliptical.

Jacobs made numerous guestguestsalso led role appearances in film and TV. In 2006, he performed a lead role in the WWE Studios production ‘See No Evil.’

In May 2017, he won the election for the mayoral seat of Knox County by 17 votes.

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