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Gene LeBell whois stuntman, actor and wrestling legend has died.

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A legendary wrestler Gene fought against the big names in WWE including Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris Onscreen. Gene was a multi-talented personality in the world because he was an actor, wrestler, and stuntman. His career as an actor and stuntman spanned 24 years from The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet. He was a towering figure in the world of material and arts. The late Gene LeBell died at the age of 89.LeBellhas more than 1000 TV and movie credits mostly as a stuntman, sometimes he casted cast himself as a heavy, fight referee and colorful background character.


Gene LeBell faced the stunning wrestlers in WWE including Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee, Gene Claude, Van Damme, and Stevan Seagal. LeBell also mentioned the notorious fight between Muhammad Ali against the Japanese wrestler Antonio Inoki. He is holding many credits including a 10th degree Red belt in Judo and a 9th-degreeth degree black belt in Jiu-jitsu. Every wrestler from Lee to Norris has received training by Gene, he also helped Rowdy Piper and Ronda Rousey. Joe Rogan who is a comedian and UFC color commentator said that I believe Gene taught Bruce Lee how to hook up. In the mid-1960s, the pair performed together on Green Hornet because LeBell was defeating every stuntman.

According to source,  the author “ Bob Calhoun” of LeBell’s autobiography“The Godfather of Grappling” said, they were looking for someone who could earn fame like Gene. Gene said when I appeared on set the stunt coordinator said to him control Bruce Lee.LeBell said that Bryce Lee never tried to fight against me because I held him in high esteem, he was more surprised. The LeBellalso mentioned that he lifted Green Hornet star on his shoulder in fireman’s carry and ran around the set, he said I taught him many wrestling tricks which he performed in his style. Brad Pitt played the role of a stuntman in Once Upon a Time and inspired Cliff Booth, it was a story of Green Hornet in Hollywood. While talking about Cliff, Director Quentin Tarantino was serious to give credit to both stuntmanstuntmen and also mentioned that Booth is a fictional character for him.


One thing was common in both stories, LeBell was also involved in a murder like Booth according to Los Angeles Times report. But he was released of murder and in 1976 he was sentenced for being involved in the murder. Later the court dismissed his sentence. LeBell faced Elvis Presley three times prominently in Blue Hawaii. Both Batmen, a small screen Batman (in the late 60s Batman series) and the big screen Batman about thirty years ago (1997’s Batman and Robin) defeated him. He was a stuntman in Cliff Booth’s movie Mr. And Mrs. Smith in 2005. By www.deadline.com




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