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Games Every Playstation 5 User Counting On After its Release!

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Next-generation consoles is going to launch the much substantial after their release as they got more excited after their particular reveal.

Moreover, at PS 5 reveal, various titles got uncovered, and a few of them are on the radar of gamers. But some games are already there on the hit list for gamers. Moreover, they are already relying on their releases.

God Of War

The more important entertaining source of PlayStation, God of War, rebooted in 2018 and caused defoliation among gamers.

Now fans are desperately expecting the fifth Part of the game. It’s very clear that this PS 5 game is taking down the lanes of Norse mythology.

The likes of Thor and Odin are searching the revenge behind the loss of Baldur. Whereas Thor already approaching the place of Kratos and confronting him.


Another one is that the UFC, which one is of the main console exclusives. The fourth part of the MMA simulation just reached recently in this month. Well, it doesn’t matter for the fans as they probably to shop for it on their next-gen consoles.

Horizon Zero Dawn Forbidden West

Another one adding to the list is that the Sequel of Horizon Zero Dawn and fans are already relying on it. The post-apocalyptic open-world will be set for 2021 release and can be a natural choice for the console’s bundle packs.

Spider-Man Miles Morales


Spiderman was one of the on predictable games in PlayStation 4 systems, and now Miles Morales comes up with a singular experience. This game franchise never is reportedly and consoles users relieved upon this fact.

So just await the next-gen arrival, and it’s rumored that it could arrive in November. So it’s early than we thought and that we could get our hands on next generation soon then expecting these games are going to be a matter of your time.

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