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Gail Ernst’s wife was rapped by a man in college after refusing to cheat on her husband.

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A strange person rapped the Republican Senator JoniErnest in college when she denied cheating on her husband. Now, she reveals about her harassment in her college days.

Iowa Senator has revealed that a man rapped her in college when she refused that she had already cheated on her husband with one of her own soldiers during stay in the Middle East.

On Wednesday, she fell into tears while talking about her divorce wit fromher husband at a town hall meeting in Cedar Falls. During an interview with Bloomberg News, she revealed that a man rapped her in Iowa Universwith ity whom she had a relationship.

It is said tht, Gail Ernst warned her to inform the police about her rape and she would kill himself if you leave me and not reported the matter. Then she called a team sexual abuse counseling centers to inform the matter but later she volunteered without revealing that she was a victim.

She added that it was a matter of shame for me to describe her humiliation before the people because I’m a private person. I did not have any idea to explain the incident that occurred to me in an educational institute. Ernest did not expose the name of the rapist and said I have told about my rape to my husband.

Des Moines reported that she did not cheat on her husband but she was afraid of losing her job as a company commander for the National Guard in Kuwait in 2003.Jo ni Ernstemporaryt said, I’m very careful about my soldiers and some of them call me a mother.

She denied all the allegations from her husband on the divorce paper about her cheating on one of her soldiers while serving in Kuwait in 2003. According to HAPPIER TIMES, she had not cheated on her husband during her service in Kuwait because she was a company commander and very serious about the nature of her job.


Gail filed for divorce last summer and claimed that his wife cheated on me after discovering emails between Joni and her lover. Joni Ernest called himself a ‘survivor’. And she said Gail was engaged in special rearelationshipall arep with her daughter’s nanny. Later they physically abused together.

At the town hall meeting, Johnny described himself as a ‘survivor’, claiming in his affidavit filed in court that Gail had confronted him about his ‘special relationship’ with his daughter’s nanny.  He was physically abused.

Being a soldier we have to secret our stories, we are not alallowedallowedow to share our stories but I was forced to share my story. The politician said the judge re-sealed the open court paper on Ernst’s demand.

They both added charges against each other as they were fighting for property, t,emporary living,onto and the judicial procedure’s fees. Gail added an odd behavior of her wife by describing that she was walking around the house naked and laying naked in the yard.

She used to creepthe  on bed without clothes with me. That was the reason to evict her from home. Joni responded his allegations by saying he was physically abusive with a bank teller, her daughter’s nanny and with  his long term girlfriend Carla Rickert.

On October 17, 2028, Gail Ernst citing her monthly income $ 14500 as temporary allowance and attorney in the Iowa District Court of Montgomery County. He appealed in court to stop her entering in my house in Red Oak, where he lives. Her ex-husband said she will have to require my permission to come in the house.

Joni was in the Iowa National Guard and serving in Kuwait from 2003 to 2004 and her husband Gail claimed her cheating on with her solider duringher stay in Middle East. According to the agreement, Joni will stay in guest room and use the bathroom of guest room but she insisted to used Gail’s  bathroom for shower.

Gail who was a former soldier denied her lame allegations those were made on his own affidavit on October 16. He said, I did not make sex even dance with any other woman until divorce. But Joni has her own cases of sexual abuse when she was promoted as company commander with the NationalGuard.

Gail said, she had received sex with one of her soldiers during a span of her stay in Middle East and I caught her secret emails. Then she admitted her disloyalty and begged his pardon for her mistake. He said, I have been the only parent of her daughter Libby because she was engaged with her job and wanted to pursuing her career.

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