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Gabrielle Epstein wears daring dresses and bikinis

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Aussie model Gabrielle Epstein left very little to the imagination in her revealing dresses and bikinis. She never compromises when it comes to her active wear. On Tuesday, she went for a hike while wearing a low-cut crop top with matching bike shorts. Her chocolate-colored topic was showing off her very ample cleavage and ripped abs.

The LA-based beauty almost suffered a wardrobe malfunction in this daring dress which drew the attention of everybody towards her. She started posting photos on Instagram wearing such daring dresses over the last few weeks.

Last week, the blonde bombshell posted a photo in a two-piece dress. In her chocolate-colored dress, she did not bother to wear underwear and slipped into her most daring dress to date.

Gabrielle posted another eye-popping photo on Wednesday. She went wild by wearing a black color frock featuring very little fabric at all. The frock featured a small piece of black Lyrca attached to a long skirt with chains of metal. This small piece tried its best to cover her chest, but all in vain.

At the back, the skirt showed more chains attaching to the bombshell’s top. People posted mean comments under her picture. A person commented: ‘I’m wondering where to start looking?’

The 27-year-old put the internet on fire by uploading a figure-hugging blush pink frock. It looks completely impossible to walk in wearing this kind of dress. This Oh Polly frock worth $63 showed off her svelte body, ample assets, and a , generous view of her under-boob. She chose to wear a pair of strappy pink heels and statement earrings to enhance her raunchy look.

Gabrielle Epstein bobs

The cut-out detail of the top and ruching of the skirt was quite enough to draw attention to her washboard abs and trim waist. Instagram removed one of her pictures, claiming it disobeyed community guidelines.  The OnlyFans star also shared a screenshot of an alert in which Instagram told her about the removal of her naked photo.

She showed her frustration on the rewithval of her picture due to the claims of ‘adult sexual solicitation’ with a comment: ‘@instagram, here we go again. Her comment shows that it’s not happening for the first time, but just after a few days she again posted her raunchy pictures.

As Instagram deleted her naked photo, she reshared it in a separate post. Gabrielle posted her removed photo on Instagram stories on Thursday and wrote: ‘I want to show you much more skin in a bikini photo LOL. Dear Instagram, what’s wrong with my pictures? Let me live the way I want.’

The Los Angeles-based Australia-model Australia model further said: ‘Why is it difficult ult for you to do anything that is going on?’

Gabrielle was lying stomach down on a white sheet in the so-called offensive photo. She propped herself up on her elbows and tried to conceal her breasts with her arms and blonde hair.

She marked her name in the social media world as a glamour model, but she is also a competitive swimmer and an ambassador for fitness brands.

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