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Gabriel Kane Day Lewis joined Pixie Lott at the Diesel Show.

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He started his career superbly in a fashion show. The young model is the son of a famous model Daniel Day-Lewis. On Monday, Daniel Kane appeared with his splitting image at the Diesel  Black Gold show. Fashionista 22 years old was looking sweet in her biker jacket while joining the Pixie Lott and Justin Skye of Men’s Fashion Week. The young model made his fashion statement by citing his leather outwear with red straps and his ripped black jeans.

He chose unique accessories according to his external resemblance, including numerous tattoos, chunky rings, and black biker boots. Not only his father but also Kane was looking gorgeous. His father with great features was looking fantastic and his son was setting in the front row with ease. Kane also has its style sense. Gabriel has striking matching to her famous father.

There was great criticism of his father’s role in Steve Spielberg’s 2012 Blockbuster Lincoln. Daniel shares Kane with Isabella Adjani. She was in a relationship with the actor of the Last Of The Mohicans for six years from 1989 to 1995. Through fax, Daniel announced his separation from his wife. Indeed, he never uncovered the reason for leaving her before the birth of his son Gabriel. The infamous actor once married after marrying with his partner Rebecca Miller in 1996.

Gabriel Kane was looking cool at Men’s Fashion Week in his black leather jacket and biker black boots. Justin Skye is a singer. She was looking awesome in her red strapped black top and loose trouser with Gabriel Kane. Pixie Lott showed her slim body physique in a light blue gown. The female singer presented her honorable personality in a long silk dress and added silver sandals.

Gabriel Kane

The hitmaker of Cry Me Out appeared in a long gown and blue cropped jacket. Her white and shiny hair was looking gorgeous with the shine of silver glowing earrings. The 27 celebrity was looking gorgeous in her floral embroidery gown. The theater star started her fresh carved locks and broomsticks. She ongoing to present her clear platinum traces straightforwardly.

She exposed her beauty with rose petals like lips dimple and wrinkle-free cheeks, white glowing hair, a beautiful neck, well-set eyebrows and eyelashes, a swift nose, and a slick of mascara in her eyes in a fashion show. This beauty queen joined her sister in a fashion show. Charlie-Ann the beauty queen’s sister was standing with the famous singer Justin Skye.

The Pixie was not unaware and a stranger to the fashion sense. She was looking very sweet and stunning when she glanced in her button-embellished floral dress before the scene. Her impressive look and style grabbed the attention of fashion designers and models. Then they gave her a to show off her beauty on the ramps at the Dolce and Gabbana fashion shows. This was the start of her long journey in the fashion industry. After that, she earned unbelievable fame and rank in the fashion world. She became a star in the showbiz world.

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