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The former fiancee of Aaron is expecting a child from a boxer and owner of a bar

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This is a tragic story of Aaron’s life. He liked a girl and soon developed a strong relationship. Aaron made his relationship strong and his girlfriend became his fiancée. They both were very happy with each other. Most of their time, they spent together. But man is unknown the next moment of his life.

He didn’t know what will happen the next moment. Man thinks lots of things about his life but sometimes nature doesn’t allow him to do all those things. Sometimes, life takes a horrible turn and changes everything. It is away from the vision and thought of a man.

They spent years together in love and care. His fiancée searched a new one for her. She met a boxer and the owner of a bar. Shayanna Jenkins dated him. They began to live together. Now she is expecting a baby girl shared by the boxer. A news revealed of her pregnancy in June.


fiancee of Aaron


According to the Radar Online.Com, the death of Aaron occurred on April 19,2017. Just one
year later she is expecting a new baby. The 39 years old boxer and owner of a bar made her pregnant. The famous boxer Dino Guilmette met Shayanna after her fiancé’s death.
Guilmette is from Long Island of New York said I met with Shayanna in a gathering of common friends. Aaron and Guilmette both used to study in the same University. They were the students of Florida University. Guilmette was a playmate of Aaron. They both used to play football together in college time.


Guilmette said ,I’m going to fill my hand with Shayanna’s hand. It’s really an incredible moment of my life. I’m very happy to have her in my life. The newborn baby will join her another daughter. There is another daughter from my previous relation.
Guilmette said, I’m very happy that new born baby will meet with preexisting sister. They will be two sisters. The daughter from Shayanna and my daughter will join each other. None can imagine the feelings to say her welcome in the world. Her birthday will be an amazing day of my life.

While answering one of the questions. When someone asked that Aaron was an issue between you and Shayanna. Guilmette said I did never care about him. He was not an issue. There were lots of unpleasant moments and I don’t want to discuss those moments. In fact, I don’t want to think about that time.


fiancee of Aaron


He identified his love as an owner of the bar and a boxer. Aaron will be happy with this news. He had demons. Because he had already predicted that she would born a baby girl.
Bill is the father of Guilmette. He said, I can’t wait for the baby’s born. Shayanna is a gentle woman and a good human being. She is very beautiful. In fact she’s an outstanding personality.


I really love her, Bill said. Bill said, I have seen all weddings of my all children except Dino. I was very excited for his wedding. But Shayanna is a very suitable girl him. Hopefully the day came to Dino’s wedding.


Aaron murdered Odin Lloyd a player of Boston Bandits in 2013. Although he was in critical
situation. But he had sympathy for him. Bill said that was a tough time of our lives that has passed. His father was a great person. But I also felt unpleasant and suspected for Aaron. I did a good research about him. Then I found that his father was a wonderful human being. When the death caught him, I thought that everything was going under the tube for Aaron.
Aaron was in pain.


fiancee of Aaron


It was not easy to absorb this pain of losing his father. His sorrows reduced
with the passage of time. After that a case of murder of Odin Lloyd became a great problem for him. The murder ruined his rest of life.


In 2013 , police caught him for killing Odin Lloyd. The judge announced to keep him in prison the rest of life until death. The Court announced his punishment without parole for murder. He became a mental patient. When the surgeons did a postmortem of his brain they discovered that his brain has lots of wounds.


fiancee of Aaron


Aaron was a serious mental patient. He was suffering a critical situation. His brain affected
badly. Hernandez was caught for murdering the football player. Then he spent the rest of his life in jail as a punishment of murder of semi-pro footballer Odin Lloyd. Odin Lloyd was meeting with Shaneah Jenkins the sister of Shayanna at the time of his death.


But his relationship was a problem for Hernandez. He didn’t like this relationship with his sister in law. Maybe that was the reason behind his murder by Hernandez. Guilmette said, we all know that Hernandez had demons. He said Aaron must be happy to hear the news that she is going to have a sister.

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