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Fix: Unable to Download Attachment from Multimedia Message

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To resolve the “Failed to download attachment via Multimedia Message” issue, activate or deactivate the auto retrieve setting for MMS or delete messages from the past, upgrade PRL, or change into mobile data. A buddy recently sent me photos of his wedding via a multimedia message, but I couldn’t upload the file. My message storage was full. I deleted some of my messages before proceeding to upload the file successfully. Here are 14 simple solutions to help you download the attachment from a multimedia message.

What can I do to fix “Failed to download the attachment from Multimedia Message”


1. Switch to Mobile Data and Switch Network Mode.

You may have issues downloading an MMS text message if you’re connected to WIFI. Try turning off the WIFI and enabling Mobile data to resolve the issue. To change to Mobile data: Tap downwards at the very top to access your notification center. Tap WIFI to disable it.

Now, tap Mobile data to enable it. Download the MMS message again to see whether the issue has been solved. If not, switch to a different mode of Network: To switch to a different network mode: Open Settings. Tap More, then choose Mobile Network.

Select Preferred Network Mode. Try a different mode of Network like LTE as well as Automatic and see if the issue is resolved. If not, try the next method. Similar Reading Android Mobile Network Not Available? We’ve got the Real Fix. How can I fix Android not registered on Network? 11 Easy Solutions.

2. Enable or disable Auto-Retrieve MMS Settings.

The auto-retrieve feature allows your phone to automatically download an audio or video message without needing to touch the media. In some instances, it could be the reason for the issue. Try disabling or enabling the Auto Retrieve feature and see whether this solves the issue.

To enable/disable auto retrieve: Log into your Messaging App. Tap Menu, then Settings. Tap Auto Retrieve to enable it. You need to turn it off if it’s already activated and disabled. Start your mobile (solution 4.) and see if you can download the MMS message.

3. Switch Off the Disabler.

The Package disabler utility can be employed to block applications that are bloatware. If Disable Bloatware is enabled, it can block vital applications and services. In this case, you can resolve the issue by turning off the disabler for packages. To turn off the package disabler to disable it, click on the package disabler widget. It’s red when disabled and then changes to blue when enabled. Then, try downloading your MMS message.

4. Reboot Your Phone.

Rebooting your phone is usually the best way to resolve any minor software issues on the device. To turn off your phone: Hold the power button until the power menu is displayed. Tap Reboot/Reboot, and wait for your phone’s restart to happen. Try downloading the MMS attachment to see if you’ve resolved the issue.

5. Removing Old messages.

If your message is over an amount, it may not be able to access MMS message downloads. Remove old messages to resolve the issue. To delete old messages: Open the Messages app. Tap Menu. Select the option to remove threads. Make sure to check all message boxes you would like to erase. Tap Delete.

6. Change Messaging Application.

The issue could be related to the messaging application you’re using. In this case, switching your messaging program could aid in solving the issue. You can install additional messaging applications like Hangouts, Messages and Textra and set them as your primary messaging application. If you’re using a third-party messaging service, use the default messaging app as your primary messaging app.

To change the default messaging app: Navigate to Settings. Click on the Application Manager. Choose More and then tap to configure Apps. Select the SMS app. From the drop-down menu, choose the application you want to use as your primary messaging app. Once you’ve finished, check if you can get MMS messages. MMS message.

7. Turn on Download Booster

The Download Accelerator (by Samsung) enables you to download files that are larger than 30MB faster, making use of mobile phone data as well as the WIFI connection at the same time. The feature particularly helpful when downloading various apps from Google Play Store or Galaxy Apps. Play Store and Galaxy Apps. An issue in the current network mode could stop you from downloading an MMS message. If you’re a Samsung user, then you can fix this issue by activating the download Booster feature.

To enable download booster: Tap down to open your notification center. Click on each of the Mobile Data and WIFI to enable them. Then, go to Settings and choose Connections. Tap to change the connection settings. Choose the Download Booster. Turn the switcher off to turn it on. Restart your device, and then Try downloading an MMS message.

8. Clear Cache and Data for MMS Service.

MMS requires a cache to function. If the service’s cache or data is damaged, your multimedia messages might fail to download. This issue can be solved by clearing out the cache and data of the MMS service. To erase cache and data from the MMS service: Click on Settings. Select Applications.

Tap More at the lower right of the screen, then show System. Choose Mms Service, then select Storage. Tap Clear Cache and Clear Data. Make sure to confirm the dialogue to complete the procedure. After that, you can restart your phone and verify that the issue has been resolved.

9. Update Profile and PRL.

The reason for the issue could be because the device’s Preferred Roaming List (PRL) or profile is damaged. Your device may be unable to download MMS messages if it has an uncorrected profile or PRL. Check to update your profile or PRL to see if it resolves the issue.

To Update your profile, including PRL and Profile: Navigate to Settings. Choose the phone. Tap System, then select Update Profile. Next, click Update Profile. Then, turn off your phone. Verify that the issue that was discussed has been addressed. If not, then try the next option.

10. Switch Off IPV6 Protocol.

IPV6 was developed to overcome the shortcomings of IPV4; however, it has its own set of issues. Enabling IPV6 could help to solve the issue. To turn off IPV6 on your router, access the router’s settings using the IP address on its back. Examine whether an MMS message is downloaded or not.

Frequently Answered Questions.

What’s the problem with downloading a Multimedia message?

Many reasons could hinder users from downloading their multimedia messages. The settings for your phone’s APN might not be in use. In this scenario, you’ll need to reinstall or change the APN settings. The cache partition could also be damaged, and you’ll have to clean it. You might also have reached the limit on messages and now have to delete any messages you’ve had. Look up further Android Guidelines.


Congratulations! You are now able to download MMS attachments on your mobile. These step-by-step instructions will assist you in resolving the issue. Contact us for assistance if you have questions or encounter any issues. Which method worked best for you?

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