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ere is a hard competition between Trudy Busch Valentine and Eric Schmidt in GOPfriendly Missouri.

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Trudy Bush Valentine is facing a hard battle against Eric Schmidt in GOP-friendly Missouri. Eric Schmidt, who is Missouri Attorney General is a Republican candidate for the US Senate while Trudy Busch Valentine is the Democratic candidate.


Kathy said; we came here to meet her, she is a great candidate and a nice human being. “She is compassionate,” said Kathy on Wednesday, Aug. 3, 2022, for U.S. Senate Democratic candidate Trudy Busch. They ate Chris Pancakes and Food in St. Louis. Busch Valentine will face Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmidt, who had already won Missouri’s Republican primary for U.S. Senate with ease. In St. Louis, the Democratic Senate nominee delivered her moving speech on Tuesday, August 2, 2022, during her watch party at the Sheet Metal Workers Hall. After winning the Democratic nomination competition for U.S. Senate, she started the process of gathering her party members for the general election. Although she was facing a strong opponent.


Eric Schmidt, who has already won a decisive victory in a crowded GOP race. He is a veteran campaigner and he has already won statewide races in Missouri in 2016 and 2020. Lucas Kunce who is the Democratic runner-up added that he had accepted Busch Valentine. The runner-up Democrats said, there was a good chat with her last night and I’m hoping to assist the Dems to win the ticket in the following year. Stephen Weber, who is a former Chairman of the Democratic Party commented that unifying Democrats in the incoming general election would not be a big problem.




Weber further said none of these candidates would be able to create problems because they were not deep enough in Missouri and they were unable to manage enough resources to make it an existential fight. This is not a big problem for the party. He said, which was the candidate who could get more favorites of advertising on television in the last few days. Schmidt beat his rivals, including former Gov. Eric Greitens and U. S Rep. Vicki Hartzler by a margin of double-digit while Valentine defeated his rival by a margin of 43% to 38%. They both appeared with different narratives, Valentine emphasized her traditional message while Kunce presented himself as a populist who would distort the status quo.



The message of Kunce resonated in the city of St. Louis while Valentine’s narrative prevailed in St. Louis County and St. Charles County. Kunce won his battle in St. Louis against Valentine and she defeated him in St. Louis County and St. Charles County. Valentine remained to dominate in broad regions of rural Missouri on other hand Kunce won in the rest sides of the state including a cluster of counties in northeast, southeast, and southwest Missouri, Pulaski County, home to Ft. Leonard Wood, and Green County. The rival of Valentine said we spent the airwaves 5 to 1 and we appeared there. He said, it was a great contest, but I’m very happy and feel proud of what we did, I think people want change. When you see the results, you will come to
know the people like our narrative.



During the victory speech, Schmidt removed a line in which Kunce hit Valentine in Primary: portraying her as a wealthyastate bear. Busch Valentine said in her speech in north St. Louis County “ I do not come from billions, “ I came from Bridgeton” citing her native city in St. Louis. Schmidt continued to target the Democrats in his victory speech by saying it is a fight against extremists and progress.

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