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ensley jolie eason stepfather says justice system ‘failed’ the 11-year-old

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According to the source when they were removed from the family home in April they remained so upset for some time, but after the passage of time, they regained custody of their children on Wednesday. Teen star Jenelle Evans and her husband David Eason were criticized by Maryss’s stepfather. On an occasion Shane Rich shared the justice system ‘failed’. Shane Rich married  Maryssa’s mom Whitney Johnson Rich.


The stepfather harassed  Jenelle Evans and her husband David Eason a lot. The couple pictured Feb 2019.

(Ensley Jolie Eason, Janelle Evans, Maryssa Eason, and David Eason pictured Feb 2019)



Shane told The Ashley on Saturday. ‘Jenelle Evans was very upset and Maryssa is very shocked,.


Shane told she was very active and smart. She also shared her bravely and honest story but alas she failed and said the justice system failed her.  Shane also told to the viewers we they just told her to protect herself in any way because there were no other option was left.

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They mom with their kids looking very upset. The whole family shared their pictures.

She said the judge ordered them to remove the home.


Rich with a hopeless heart said, My beloved wife feels helpless. He further described we both felt very bad about this.


Once the dog of their family nipped at their daughter’s face Easaon blasted with anger and shot and killed their family dog Nugget in April.The puppy nipped at their daughter’s face, which David happened to catch on video.

Whitney shared her feelings and told to media she was previously lost the custody of Maryssa in 2017.

This was happened due to substance abuse issues.



He said, ‘My wife’s lawyer and CPS  refused them and said there’s nothing anyone can do. In fact, CPS had strong evidence, but there’s no justice system. This is very sad for us.


CPS and lawyer of my wife said to us there’s no redemption for a woman who’s had a previous substance abuse problem,’ Rich further explained.

Difficult: Kaiser, four, and Ensley, two, shared a memory when they were removed from the family home in May; seen together on Instagram


Rish seemed very sad because his beloved wife looked worry. Rich said my wife knew how she was going to be looked at.

He said last night my wife and I was hoped and we slept real good but our hearts are broken.

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Shane was upset she said my beloved daughter is looking shocked. I explained her you should be patient if you want to do something in your life.but it can be very effective for a young child. I said to ensley jolie eason you have to control your emotions in all kind of situations. I think such thoughts can cause a young child to become depressed.

ensley jolie eason shares a memory of  Maryssa with ex-wife Whitney Rich. They shared their pictures on instagram.

There were alot of their followers who appreciatd their photos vry much.

David and Jenelle were married on Sept. 23, 2017 . This is an azaming to know the how the couple celebrate their marriage ceremony.


The new couple was looking very happy.they enjoy their marriage ceremony with a lot of fun. They shared their pictures.


The clips of their marriage ceremony was shown on MTV channel.


The famil is now facing a lot of difficulties due to being pulled out from home.

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