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Emily Clarkson Feels Proud To Be Narcissist Like Her Generation

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Emily, who is the daughter of Jeremy Clarkson says it’s a proud for me to be autist like many others of my age fellow. She has admitted to be narcissist like most people of her generation.

The narcissist belongs to London, she wrote a topic in The Time about her life people. In this topic, she reveals that it is a pleasure for me to be narcissistic. According to her statement, there is nothing more important for you than your own life. Indeed, it’s proud to love yourself. However, she revealed in her Instagram feed, I have such self esteem that Google describes for others to do, when I see in the mirror I find that I wish.

The daughter of writer and the Top Gear presenter says, you can’t take it negative to be narcissist because loving yourself makes you healthier. She wrote about her addiction toward Instagram and her body image struggle.

Emily Clarkson wrote an article in Times, in which she highlighted the recent New York research on the narcissist and said her generation is more self absorbed than ever.

While writing about her own study and research, she revealed that we can’t deny it, after the allegations of thousand years that generation Z were more vulnerable than our forefathers. American physiologist discovered that through narcissist concept, we Identified ourselves, she wrote all in that article.

Emily Clarkson

Emily Clarkson says “dislike yourself” has badly affected us. Actually, we have lost our self esteem by forgetting narcissist, but Generation Z is waking up now to know their self esteem by the narcissist.

It made them more confident. She further stated that we are generation of self-care, mental health awareness and body confident. The writer has already written her body struggle, she further added our previous generations hid their sorrows and confidence issues because they were unaware how to love with themselves.

Emily Clarkson posts her routine work regularly, including her training for marathon with friends. While taking about narcissist she said, we should love ourselves to boost up confirm and self-esteem.

It’s not a bad thing to love and promote yourself. The people who love themselves and promote their self-esteem known as a narcissist. Defending herself on Instagram feeds, she said it’s not a shameful act to share pictures of her life and narcissism helped her in career. She said that her generation is more modern and brought up with the latest technology.

Emily Clarkson


Emily Clarkson has written her new book “Can I Speak To Someone In Charge” two years ago. She also revealed her addiction toward Instagram in January and also talked her feelings in the playground.

FOMO was a big problem for me, my friends didn’t invite me and it made me more anxious. Further, she added, I spent most of my time by following other bloggers and influencers which made me inferior and low cost. In her book she discussed about her body image and revealed how she compared herself with her classmates.

I closed my eyes and squeezed and cross my fingers and when I closed my eyes, I did that every night. Every day I see my smile and reflect, sometimes I cry. Sometime I grabbed my fat rolls and squeezed it even my fingerprint on it.

Emily Clarkson


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