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Elettra Wiedemann Rossellini says, how her famous family taught her

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Elettra Wiedemann Rossellini belongs to a famous family, her mother was Isabella Rossellini and her granddaughter was Ingrid Bergman. It means Elettra Wiedemann was born to be an icon. She discussed with Hattie Crisell, why she changed the catwalk for the chicken run. She was modeling for the new Weekend Max Mara On Set Collection, and her mother also used to campaign for the same brand in 1989.

I have already rescheduled interviews before, but Elettra Wiedemann Rossellini’s reason for postponing is unknown to me. I am feeling sorry for that. Although, I have taken three-day classes for making pieces of bread.

I’m supporting my family on Long Island and I’m going to get bread off the land. Because I could not find anyone who could make it, I decided to do it own. Elettra Wiedemann Rossellini is not a typical model like her mother. Her mother and grandmother Ingrid Bergman were not typical models and actresses.

But she posed for the fashion industry’s most celebrated photographers for decades and now, she is planning for something else in her mind. It is because, when the phone bell rings and it’s the Weekend Max Mara is on the line. Although it fails me well, it happened frequently in my life. Now, I’m thinking of newness in my life.

Elettra Wiedemann Rossellini is significantly focusing on her younger son Ronin, he is two years old and her father is Caleb Lane. He is an actor in the Pretty Little Liars. Its shooting is taking place on a beach outside Rome and it is her first trip without her son Ronin. Although it was good to spend time with all of them, I felt frustrated with my son.

Elettra Wiedemann

Like, all mothers, I felt the pull for him. Photographers showed a beautiful mother wearing a collection by the great costume designer Gabriella Pescucci. The new collection of shots on the beach along with Rome in Gabriella Pescucci’s costumes.

Then we had dinner on the Italian way. She says it was an excellent costume prepared by an experienced one that was almost old-Hollywood glamour style. I loved that Gabriella chose the quirkier print and it can wear women of any age. The Oscars Award winner in costume designer in 1993 is also a family friend.

Elettra Wiedemann

It’s nothing more than the fun that Gabriella gets to know me. She is well aware of my whole family including my mother, aunts, and uncles since their childhood in Rome. Later, we had a big dinner together in the Italian way.

Elettra Wiedemann Rossellini was born as an icon because she has been pushing since her childhood. The First, time she posed for a brand along with her mother was when she was just five years of age. Indeed, she is surrounded by strong, elegant women from both sides, maternal and paternal.


I’m the reflection of my family who taught me about simplicity and functionality. But my family women do not think to be elegant but you must be in gown with high heels. And they think elegance in a white gown and black trousers.

My grandma’s wardrobe was full of white and black clothes and she taught me to be simple. Her mother Isabella was a great and successful model. When she started acting, she proved herself as talented and confident as in modeling, her films are Blue Velvet and Death Becomes Her.

Later, she was nominated for Golden Globe due to her acting in Crime of The Century in 1996. Then she bought an organic farm on Long Island in New York.

Her daughter has earned a master’s degree in animal behavior and conservation. Elettra Wiedemann Rossellini was studying for a master’s in biomedicine at the London School of Economics. In New York, she knocked off a pop-up restaurant at fashion week. Later she studied medicinal Herbology and followed her research on breastfeeding. She focused her attention on running off-farm, her baby, and Instagram.

Elettra Wiedemann

Elettra Wiedemann

Elettra Wiedemann

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