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The process of changing the Blade on a Chicago Electric Miter Saw

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Technology plays an important role to make working easier for mankind. One of the inventions of technology is a powerful tool, Chicago Electric Miter Saw. Cutting with the hands is difficult and time taking, but this tool allows us to make highly precise and accurate cuts in a short time.

With continuous working or cutting, the sharpness of its blade goes down, so it is compulsory to change it periodically. Here is the detailed procedure to replace a blade on Chicago Miter Saw in only a few steps.

To replace the Blade, remove the old one and then adjust the new one. The tools required for replacing of blade are:

  • A 5mm Allen Key
  • A pair of heavy-duty gloves (to protect your hands from any damage)

This is all you need to replace the blade on a Chicago Electric Miter Saw. Follow the steps given below to get the job done.

Step 1: Make sure your saw is free from any electric connection. It will help you to avoid any painful experience during the replacement process. Always unplug the main power outlet whenever you start dealing with power tools. This is the easiest, but life saving step.

Step 2: Wear your heavy-duty gloves to save your hands from any cut on the fins of the blade. Then start replacing the blade by raising the arm of the blade and lifting up the blade guard to reveal the blade.

Step 3: Now take your second tool, the Allen Key and unscrew the guard pivot bolt. The pivot bolt is the main connection between the guard and guard pivot plate.  By uplifting the Guard Plate up, the access to blade becomes possible.

Step 4: Find the spindle lock on blade and keep it pressed while working on the blade. The blade remains fixed due to spindle lock and doesn’t move freely.

Step 5: Unscrew the spindle bolt (1). Most of the bolts get tighten on clockwise spin and loosen on anti-clockwise spin, but the case for spindle bolt is opposite and one must keep it in mind.

Step 6: Now start removing bolts, the spindle bolt (1), the outer flange (2), and the Arbour insert (3). Make it sure to save these parts because we have to use them again for a new blade.  Do not remove the inner flange (5).

 Electric Miter Saw

Step 7: Take out the new blade from its packing with great care and place it onto the spindle. Place the blade in proper orientation. The blade rotates clockwise, so its fins must be in the downward direction. Now replace the outer flange (2), Arbour insert (3) and screw the spindle bolt back in.

Step 8: Place the guard pivot plate back and screw the guard pivot bolt in. Do not turn on the electric connection yet to check the working of the guard. Firstly check it manually by moving it up and down a few times.

Step 9: If the guard is working well, then plug the machine back in and perform your tasks.

Safety Instructions:

Always use your tools with great care and attention. Follow the general guidelines given below before operating any power tool:

  1. Your safety must be your first priority, so before operating any power tool check the overall condition of your tool. You should check the loose or misaligned parts, cracks articles on the machine, restricted movement of any moving parts, damage electrical wiring or any other issue that may affect the working of the machine or may harm you in any way.
  2. Cleanliness keeps your machines in a better condition, so after each use makes it sure to wipe the external surface of your saw with a clean cloth.
  3. If there is any electrical fault in your machine or in power supply cord, make it sure to take help from a qualified service technician. Replace the damaged power supply cord as soon as possible to avoid any further damage to your machine.
  4. Every product has specific usage details, so always refer to your owner’s manual to seek any help.
  5. Keep your tool away from children.

The Chicago Electric Miter Saw is an outstanding tool for accurate cuts. It makes working easy and save your time. Always use your crafts with proper care and keep them maintained for longer use.

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