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Sudanese-born model Edau akui atem Mornyang has been re-arrested on a US flight following a drunken brawl.

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Edau akui atem Mornyang model was born in Sudan and rearrested on a US flight following a drunken brawl. In January, Young Sudanese model Edau akui atem Mornyang went intoxicated on a flight and she has been arrested.

The model has been arrested by US immigration and customs enforcement officials. She is behind the bars for two months. A Sudanese-Australian model was released from US jail for the drunken commotion. The model has been
rearrested and behind the bar since September.

In January, the young model was going from Melbourne to Los Angeles by United Airlines when she attacked on a flight attendant, She also called her partner as trash can. Then she hit a hard slap on the face of an air hostess when she tried to stop her for drinking. After being found guilty of assault, she has to face 21 years prison in March.

But she could not stay long time in jail and escaped with 100 hours of community service. Edau akui atem Mornyang remained three years I’m jail. On September 17, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement personnel rearrested her
and send her in jail. And she was surprised to see all circumstances because she never entered United States illegally.

Edau akui atem Mornyang never stayed in United States more than her visa limit. Her sister Maria asked for fund on the GoFundMe page to afford her legal experience. Maria added her remarks citing to her sister Edau akui atem Mornyang that she reached in United States with a valid visa which would expire on December 26, 2021, and she is not here illegally. Daily Mail Australia, has revealed a report according to it, a spokesperson from States Department and Commerce cleared that department is helping an Australian detainee.

Edau akui

US Immigration and Custom Enforcement officials arrested Edau akui on 17th September and put her in prison. On
other hand, her sister Maria said she arrived here legally with valid visa by sharing her visa snap. Edau akui atem Mornyang has been sentenced for 21 years in jail after being found guilty of assault. A spokesperson from Australia has already announced that department is helping an Australian detainee and we are not allow to speak all about the matter, there is privacy in this state matter.

According to GoFundMe page, the Immigration Customs Enforcement agents dismissed her visa without informing her. They must return it to her to avoid from payment of imprisonment. Edau akui atem Mornyang’s sister Maria wrote that ICE agents proceeded her visa without informing her and they revoked it, subsequently smuggled her into country illegally. None of judges ever ordered that the model should leave the country and my sister never stayed
more than her visa limit. They indefinitely kept her in jail and they didn’t give trial so far.

The model was moving from her residence in Melbourne to Los Angeles by United Airlines flight when it happened. She became disorganized after refusing alcohol. Although she was thinking that ICE will deport her after being caught on September 17. But it happened against her thought. Edau akui atem Mornyang was born in South Sudan, in the age of  10 she migrated to Australia as refugee. Later she found guilty of serious interference and
indecency with flight attendants.

However, she released after third count of attacking an Air Marshal. In January 21, she ordered of many glasses of wine during flight according to jury in her March hearing. After nine hours of flight passengers forcefully complain against Edau Mornyang’s offensive and attacking behavior. During flight from her hometown of Melbourne to America she has killed two flight attendants during fight. The ICE Department arrested her for killing the couple of flight attendants.

A jury finds her guilty of serious crimes during flight and sentenced her to 21 years in jail. She says to the jury I don’t know what happened because I was out of control due to heavy concentration of alcohol. On 4 June Mornyang appealed to a jury to nix her sentenced. Later on 19 June, she lose bid for her new case. Former Miss Australia says I don’t know what happened and I have no recollection of the commotion. Edau akui atem Mornyang moved from South Sudan to Australia as refugee with her family and started her modeling career here. Later she
used her modeling platform to be a well-known lawyer.

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