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Grammy Nominee Lil Durk got down on one knee and proposed to his beloved India Royale.

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According to the source: once again the famous Grammy Nominee Lil Durk feels soft spot in his heart got down on one knee and proposed to his beloved India Royale. This incident took place on Saturday night the United Center in their Chicago hometown.

It’s explosive news for his social media fans, he proposed to his young and charming lover in the stadium. He said, my love, ‘you know I love you to death’.Lil Durk said these words on the microphone as roared.

His 29-year-old girlfriend feels proud of him after hearing these words. She is a young girl that has an untouched and smart eye-catching figure. Lil has around 28.2M followers on Instagram.

Yeah! He said to her lover, you are so beautiful I just want to be with you. Come to me hold my hand and then never leave it, we will laugh together, we will be crying together, I love you so much, would you marry me?

Vloggers accepted his proposal happily. Finally, Durk, who is also known as Banks, slipped a massive diamond engagement ring in smart girl Vlogger’s finger.

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Vloggers described his feelings on Instagram,she said Lil slipped me a Diamond ring, this has a  ‘GIA 10 carat oval shape F VVS center stone surrounded by 30 pointer emerald cuts in a handmade setting with pave stones around.’ Lil told me he purchased it from a famous jewelry designer Izzy A. Luxury.

After India said yes, the Lion Eyes rapper embraced her during the raucous event, which was called 107.5 WGCI Big Jam.

When India said yes, they married each other and celebrated their joy as bride and groom.

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The big body boy embraced her during his marriage ceremony; this was a very raucous event for them. Lil is famous as 107.5 WGHCI Big jam. He boasts of this.

Royale shared her wedding news with Illinois audience. She looked proud to feel this flash news this news immediately spread on social media. We have come to know Mr. Lil Banks already has a daughter whose name is Willow banks and his spouse also is a mother of her six-year-old daughter Skylar from her previous relationship.

Let’s now take a brief look at Lil’s precious children. Lil has five children from his previous wife. The names of his children are Angelo Banks, Bella Banks, Zayden Banks, Du’meir Banks, and Willow Banks.

His son Du’meir earned fame and now he is recognized as a celebrity kid.

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Du’meir as a kid known as a famous celebrity and has a crowd of his followers on Instagram. Mr. Lil Durk shared his family Photo on Instagram.

According to source: Artist Lil Durk is proud of his son. He says to Dumeir, I am happy for you, my son. You are my pride!

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