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Dean Norris facing his meme by wrongly Tweet ‘Sex Gift’.

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Breaking Bad actor Dan Norris has to face the failure of Twitter by typing ‘sex gifts’. Bad actor Dean Norris made a fun of himself by tweeting ‘Sex Gift’ to his 520,000 followers. Although it happened accidentally, actually he wanted to search it on search bar but I was tweeted accidental. He sent it to his followers with a laugh on his Twitter account on Tuesday. Despite of being embarrassed, he did not remove this tweet and his followers were making his fun on Twitter.

He did not remove his tweet because he was enjoying his insult on Twitter. Breaking Bad actor Dean Norris surprised his followers when he tweeted sex gift accidentally. On Tuesday, Hank Schraeder mistakenly tweeted it. His followers left his account and made many memes about him such as Sex Gifts in which they showed his wife talking with him.

Her tweet left her with 520,000 stitches, including ‘Sex GIFs, myself! ‘  Like memes were made in which the character was shown talking to his wife. In another place the actor was holding a case of beer and it was named as sex gift. People made his fun by retweeting 11,000 and replying his tweet more than 1000 times by saying it’s not a search box. They made his fun by saying you did not know what to tweet.

Gifts flooded the response of actor by mentioning his best moments on Breaking Bad. The actor raised the issue of beer cases by name as sex gift.In one meme, a man was in the helmet with a funny caption. In another picture, the actor was staring as the opening lyrics of The Sound of Silence played with the title ‘Hello darkness my old friend’. There were many replies on his tweet’ this is not a search box’. A bizarre meme grabbed the attention of the many followers who were waiting for an explanation.

In one meme, the actor was reading a piece of paper that was printed as sex gift. Actually, it was his own tweet. One user thought, it might be a book while it was just a blank paper. There were only two words printed on it, those were ‘sex gift’. A follower replied, his sex gift tweet as ‘Hell yeah!’The actor was scanning something on the paper, which was a print of his tweet. It made him, shocked.

There was a meme related to this tweet, in which a character Jess Pinkmanjudgmentally sipping a glass of water.One Twitter user added a response to his tweet by dancing and shaking his hips.

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