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Daphne Oz shares photo of baby bump on her Instagram

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The 31-year-old Daphne Oz has entered her ninth month of pregnancy. She proudly shares her large baby bump photos on Instagram. The TV actress is expecting a baby girl during the holidays. In the picture, she is standing on a quiet street with her hands resting on her jutting stomach.

She shows the image of her baby bump at 36 weeks of her pregnancy with a caption – I’m here with cozy sweater+ sneakers+ leggings up to my boobs – what can we do if these were not present??’

The television personality tied the knots with John Jovanovic and they had two children together. Their daughter Philomena is a three-year-old while their son Jovan is a two-year-old. Now the couple is expecting their third child, a baby girl – around the holidays.

The cookbook author is wearing a comfy brown sweater and a pink T-shirt in the recent snapshot.  Her black leggings, white sneakers, and sunglasses give her an enchanting look. The soon-to-be mother-of-three is enjoying a relaxing Saturday by leaving her blonde hair in loose waves. She looks at the camera with a radiant smile.

She also shared a sweet selfie of the couple on Sunday afternoon. The caption under this Instagram selfie was all about his husband, John Jovanovic. Daphne added several heart and star emojis to show her love for her husband.

Besides sharing her pregnancy photos, she keeps sharing her family photos too. In a video on her Instagram feed, her daughter Philomena is rubbing her mom’s stomach and belly while saying: ‘Baby, baby, Goo Goo gaga.’

In the video, Daphne was wearing a T-shirt and leggings while her daughter was in a ballet leotard and skirt.

Daphne Oz

Daphne told Daily Main Online: ‘My daughter Philo is very happy with the news of a new baby with us. She even chose the nickname ‘Sugar’ for her sister. Every day she comes to me with her little doctor’s kit and checks on me. Philo always asks about Sugar. Every morning, she wants to know when Sugar is coming.’

‘My son, Jovan is a two-year-old, so he has no idea and is fully unaware. But his expressions while pointing towards my belly, are always like ‘Baby inside’, she added.

The family uploaded their pictures of the Halloween celebration on social media, last week. Her husband dressed as Spider-man, Daphne is wearing a masquerade mask and an embroidered coat, while Jovan chose to dress up as the Green lantern.

Her daughter Philomena went for Little Red Riding Hood. Daphne’s father also dressed up for the Halloween celebration. Dr. Oz, the TV show host wore a gold and black fur coat and a headband with a feather on his head.

Every member of the family was looking happy in costumes. She wrote a caption under her pictures with family, ‘No theme, just a way to create fun.’

On October 21, the family also celebrated its second birthday of Jovan. They arranged this birthday party at their New York City home.

In September, she also shared a photo of her baby bump in a seersucker bikini at 30 weeks pregnant. Daphne told Daily Mail Online: ‘I feel very happy to share my photos in bikini because people are not judging my body during the pregnancy period, I thought. I feel proud to show my pregnancy look to them who always see me in a perfect body shape.’

She proudly shared her photos with her husband and children at her birthday celebration of Jovan. Daphne has 276,000 followers on Instagram with whom she shared pictures of her changing body during her pregnancy.

The proud mom also shared a picture of herself posing in the bathroom of Hotel Villa Cipriani. This luxury hotel is present in Asolo, a town in the Veneto region of northern Italy. She also described under her picture that she has to take this bathroom selfie, as she fell in love with tiles.

Daphne Oz

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