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Cynthia Nixon Revealed About Her Transgender Child On Trans Day of Action

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Cynthia celebrated the 14th day of action with her transgender child. She revealed to the world that her daughter Samantha is now his son Samuel. Before that, the world did not know about it, but on the Trans day of action, she saluted her son for being different from others.

The star of Sex and the City uploaded a picture on Instagram, showing the world, a proud mom for having a transgender child. She is currently running for Governor of New York. She revealed for the first time: ‘I gave birth to a daughter Samantha but the 21-year-old Samuel is transgender. My son completed his graduation this month. I saluted my son and all others who are celebrating The Trans day of action’.

On 14th Annual Trans day, she shared kind words for his son Samuel. She named her son Samuel  Seph in his Instagram post in which both, mother and son, are smiling. The 21-year-old completed his graduation from The University of Chicago.

Cynthia and her partner Danny Mozes, the school teacher, had their first child Samantha Mozes in November 1996. Danny was her college crush and sweetheart. Their marriage lasted for 15 years, from 1988 to 2003, and broke down in 2004. Before their separation, they had another son Charles Ezekiel, who was born in 2002.

After her separation, Cynthia started dating Christine Marinoni. The activist Christine worked as Deputy Mayor Richard Buery in New York City. Cynthia and Christine tied the knots in May 2012. She had another son Max from his second husband.

Cynthia Nixon

Cynthia remained a public figure in past years, but he kept his son Seph a low profile. She attended many Pride events in years past, but his son Seph was not there with her. Even though, she did not bring him along with her at any campaign. The Seph used to come with her mom when he was a little kid. But after announcing her bid for governor against incumbent Andrew Cuomo, she avoided to bring him along with her.

Cynthia had never spoken much about her personal life and kids as she liked to keep her life private. Many years ago, she told the New York: ‘kids like to have a mother who is publicly known and famous. Most of the kids have famous and rich parents in the school and my daughter is one of them.

Seph has lived a life of a transgender since childhood. Cynthia makes it public now when her son has been graduated. She remained advocate for years on LBGTQ and gone too far for the rights of Trans individuals during her campaigns.

She also spoke about the needs of such persons and to seek help for the Trans community. Cynthia added: ‘The world needs to get awareness about such people that they are human too. They are facing issues in every aspect of life due to all people who consider themselves perfect. We have to work for the Trans folks to overcome the issues they are facing’.

Cynthia Nixon

Cynthia Nixon

Cynthia Nixon

Cynthia Nixon

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