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Corey Feldman at the Corbin Nash premiere with Courtney Anne Mitchell

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Last month, Corey Feldman thought that I can live just five months after stabbing with any knife or syringe. TMZ obtained a personal video of Feldman in which he revealed that I’m making a documentary about my life, in case of worse happens to me, I will be able to provide proof of my truth.

The main end of this documentary is to save himself from a child abuse case. I will not tell a lie and I have all such security to save some children. Indeed, it’s not a jock. It’s a positive message.

He said I’m sure there may be other than poison. It’s an easy way to get something, it feels good now. But I think after passing five months, I could be sick and weak and then die. Because this poison will not react soon. Although there is just a five percent chance it to happen we can’t Denied the reality. Anything could be happening. Indeed, I’m trying to be cool and calm.

I’m going to make a documentary about my life so that I will be able to get the truth out of it. There may happen anything but God can save me from worse happening. The star revealed all that after the premiere of the horrible flick Corbin Nash when he was with his 27 years old wife Courtney Anne Mitchell at Montalban.

He was walking with his late friend the “King of Pop Michael Jackson” who was in a golden jacket. Feldman said I have already told to camera everything clear. No matter, I may die tomorrow. The truth is before all. Anne Mitchell kissed him while walking in the street.

She posed with her husband early that night at Montalban. He claimed that almost three weeks ago someone attacked with a knife or a syringe. Feldman shared a photo of the infected spot with the caption it’s a syringe or the smallest knife.

His defense lawyer claimed on the ‘road range’ of this incident. Corey Feldman was in the hospital for treatment of the wound. He said, maybe someone who is behind the scenes of child abuse in a Hollywood case tried to harm me. Because I have decided to reveal the reality.

His bodyguard Jeff V told  TMZ that both tests of urine and blood are clear from diseases. There was no evidence of puncture by a needle or knife according to the doctor’s report. Corey was in the hospital for treatment of an abdominal wound in March.

He shares a picture of the incident and said it might be a tiny and poison-polluted injection. The defense attorney told to People Magazine that the incident took place at Ventura and Boulevard which is a people walk place.

Corey Feldman

This was an ego attack. TO light a boy came out of the car and the stupid security guard instead of taking off engages with them. Corey was looking healthy when he came to attend the premiere with his wife on Monday.

The ‘Goonies’ actor received an online reaction to his claim that one Hollywood executive molested him. Sources said the star became extra careful after receiving threats because there may be conflict on the road. The horror movie character Corbin Nash tells a story of a detective who meets with evil couple Queeny(Corey) and Vince (Richard Wagner) in search of his parents’ killer.

They dragged him into a nightmare of hell. He faces the underworld of horrors to be a part of a historic tribe of demon hunters. Corey shared a photo of 1989 with his friend Corey Haim in 2013 and said the former actors humiliated us to be news actors several times. Through his high experience, he was reborn as the final killer. Being a human he fights against the demon to achieve his destiny.

Last year in Dr. Oz’s show he revealed his sexual harassment by the director’s son in his childhood. The same year Nationals Enquiry allegedly claimed the actor Charlie Sheen raped Haim. He died in 2010 at the age of 38. Sheen was a star in the film Lucas with Haim, he denied the rape. Feldman and Haim’s mother’s statement was different regarding the harassment of Haim during his childhood.

Feldman said his friend was sexually abused by many times but his mother, Judy said only one man molested him when he was a child. She also denied that Sheen raped her son whose HIV test came out positive in 2015. Sean Astin 47 supported the actor.  In Goonies, he was with Haim.

He said Feldman had told me many times about the internal dynamics of the industry. Feldman shared his pain with me through his experience in Hollywood. The Lord of Rings star said it is a shameful thing that victims are increasing day by day. The time has arrived to stop such abusers to clean the industry.

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