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Corey Feldman blamed on Alphy Hoffman for another alleged abuse.

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Corey Feldman listed the teenager club owner as alleged perpetrators of child abuse. He
mentioned that, the owner took advantage of it in his early age. On Monday, Feldman who is about 46 years old told Dr. Oz that Alphy Hoffman was former club owner. He said once Alphy Hoffman came with Drew Barrymore, Ricky Schroder and Alyssa Milano and had an affair with him in 1980s.


Corey Feldman Alphy Hoffman


Feldman revealed that Alphy Hoffman abused him in his childhood. During
interview with Matt Lauer, Feldman said, the owner of ‘teenage soda pop club’ was fellow of
those who abused him. Then he mentioned the name of Alphy Hoffman who was club owner. The name of Alphy Hoffman uncovered when Feldman named two alleged child abusers. The Feldman remembered his same incident when he was just 12. He claimed that many years ago, he and his other teenage screen stars were exploited. On Monday, In Dr. Oz show Feldman revealed his incident when he was teenager in 1980s. Feldman said, I met with Hoffman first time when I was just 12 year old.

He said the Alphy Hoffman molested him in the age of 12. Further he added in Dr. Oz show that ,I had reported against Hoffman to Los Angeles police. Feldman argued that, there was an adult pedophile ring in Hollywood industry. With the help of this he accused of preying on me and other teenagers including actors and actresses. Then I claimed of sexual harassment on him and informed to Los Angeles Police about him.


Corey Feldman Alphy Hoffman


In Alpha’s ‘Soda Pop Club’ that was ran under New York Seltzer Company, he and his friend Pal Corey Haim regularly pictured in the club. He owned the club from 1986 until 1989. Alphy Hoffman was the son of famous director Bobby Hoffman. Feldman met him when he was just 12 years.

Feldman told to Dr. Oz that he came to my home for picking me by his car. I had already heard rumors about his fantastic parties in the city and we bonded strongly with each other. He said Alphy invite me in his dad’s Bobby Hoffman’s private party. It was very honorable for me and Alphy chose me was another big thing for me.

When I went few times in those parties, I found that those were child-friendly parties. The most interesting that was that, I met a boy who ended up abusing Haim. Haim was the close one of Alphy Hoffman. At that time I was quite innocent about such things.


Corey Feldman Alphy Hoffman


There was a group of such guys in the party. They were hanging out there. The parties were consisting on just guys and there were few parents in parties. Mostly young people were enjoying parties. Feldman claimed, once I fell asleep while watching movie there. I was with Alphy Hoffman and his friend Jon Grissom.


He was one of his allegedly abusers. Feldman said when I wake up from sleep and there was a porn on again. I was bone tired. He recalled , I was hardly walking and I didn’t know what did they gave me. My eyes were sleepy and body was tired. But I remembered they gave me any anesthesia. When we were in bedroom.


Then I felt he had stated doing same with me as his friend Grissom had done. Indeed, I woke up during his molesting. I threw him away and ran my house. In an interview , Feldman said showed his anger and disliking toward Haim. He said , Haim has lost his worth complete in my eyes. Feldman did not estimated that whether Dr. Oz had abused Haim on Monday.


Corey Feldman Alphy Hoffman


The story related to Alphy Hoffman’s molester revealed when Corey was talking about two child abusers. Then he added his childhood story of allegedly abused by Alphy Hoffman.
Feldman told to Dr. Oz the Alphy Hoffman’s former assistant Grissom was the first one who
took advantage of me in 1980s.


He was still posting my photos on social media to make me embarrassing. Grissom got pics of me and Corey Haim from his My Space page and his Facebook page. On Dr. Oz show, Feldman said, he is taunting and admiring it so far. Dr. Oz revealed that Grissom is living in Mexico. He has been involved in many criminal activities.


A program lawyer posted a video on Facebook in which he revealed the crime stories of
Grissom. He said Grissom was involved in almost every kind of crime such as theft ,drug and molesting. In 2001 he was arrested due to child molestation. Later in 2003 he was found as criminal and kept in prison. Feldman also added about the former talent manager of childern Marty Weiss as sex offender.


Corey Feldman Alphy Hoffman


In past, he exposed as sex addicted. The actors told several media channels during the week in 1993, I informed to Santa Barbara Police Department about the members of alleged Hollywood pedophile ring. The police disagreed with him and Dr. Oz faced all challenge related to this information with Feldman. Oz supported him. When I called the Santa Barbara Police and they hung up the phone.


I am also talking as you are talking. Then Feldman interfered him and said it was on the record. But Dr. Oz continued, you are talking about names and I listened the recording but couldn’t listened your name in it.


Corey Feldman replied Dr. Oz by claiming, police did not listen me and got off the phone when I tried to identify the person who molested me. That is why you could not listen my name in recording. You accepts it as truth.


Dr. Oz request him to reach the authorities again. Then Feldman decided to call Los Angeles
Police to share the identification of two who allegedly abused him and other teenagers. During this call to Los Angeles Police he uncovered the Grissom was Haim. He said they both are still posting my pics on Facebook.


Dr. Oz also read out the statement of police during interview. This made Feldman’s claim
controversial. We are well aware those statements that Mr. Feldman making citing to an
investigation in 1993. According to our records, you did not indicate any suspected person,
stated Dr. Oz, while reading the statement that was provided him by the spokesperson of Santa Barbara Police Department.

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