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Christina Ricci, 41, reveals her pregnant news

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Christina Ricci, is a very active and smart lady of 41. Christina reveals she is pregnant with her second child. James Heerdegen her husband divorces her. She feels sad due to her husband’s behavior.

Ricci, was very happy she shared her news with her followers. She said,  I am feeling so happy. Her instagram followers said liked her new on Tuesday.


Mark Hampton also shared he is the father of Ricci’s baby.   Hampton expressed her well wishes and said I am very excited because I am going to become the father of my baby.  He said,  my baby will become my proud.  Charistina Ricci, has a child from her second husband James Heerdegon.



According to the source James Heerdegon divorce Christina Ricci last year. Ricci and Heerdegon were married on October 26, 2013. They celebrate their marriage ceremony together. They welcomed their son together the following year.

Christina Ricci

After James Heerdegon divorced her wife Christina Ricci she married with Mark Hampton.

Now she is going to become the mother of Mark Hampton’s baby. She surprised her fans by revealing the news of her pregnancy.



Christina Ricci has surprised fans by revealing that she is pregnant with her second child.

She shared with her fans her second husband amid allegation of domestic violence.

The happy news comes just months after the actress was granted a restraining order against estranged husband James Heerdegen, amid allegations of domestic violence.



The active and charm lady Christon Ricci 41 made the announcement that she is expecting a new baby she said my baby is my life. She shared her expecting news with her fans on Instagram.

Christina Ricci

When she was expecting her new baby from her second husband Ricci said I am feeling better and my life is getting better now a days.


Once morning she reveals she have a cute baby from her second husband after one year filing for divorce from her ex husband James Heerdegon.

Ricci said Hampton is a great man he support me when I was alone and was bearing the violence of her ex James.


She said, she  I am already my cute son Frederick Freddie Heerdegon. Frederick Freddie Heerdegon was born in 2014. She also shared pictures of her both sons on her Instagram.

Christina Ricci

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