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Christina Haack wore a bikini on her ‘most romantic’ date

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The 37-year-old Christina uploaded her snaps showing off her bikini body. Christina Haack went to Mexico with her new man Joshua Hall to celebrate her upcoming 38th birthday. The HGTV star and her man were looking incredibly happy and they enjoyed themselves a lot there.

The star posted stories on her Instagram on Wednesday while sitting on a swing set in a white bikini. Her white bikini was showing off her toned and terrific body with views of the ocean behind her. Christina showed off their idyllic and serene accommodations in front of the ocean in her videos. Then she boasted about her ‘most whimsical dinner’ with her handsome realtor.

Christina Haack posted a picture in which the duo is sitting beside one another with glasses of wine in their hands. The couple looked happier with one another after flying in from LA together. Christina was playing around on the swing set with a peaceful look. The views of the stunning ocean and his favorite person made her calm and happy.

The couple was not at the airport on Wednesday as they prepared to jet off to Mexico from Los Angeles. They were smiling ear to ear while holding hands with each other. According to some sources on Page Six, the couple has been dating for the last few months.

Christina Haack was previously dating Ant Anstead, but he made his romance with actress Renee Zellweger official. After knowing about her former spouse, she decided to move on and started her budding relationship with her boyfriend Joshua. Her connection with Joshua seems to be immediate and real.  Another insider divulged to people on Tuesday that they recently started dating each other.

The couple said: ‘We wanted to know each other one–on–one without outside noise, so we chose this place for ourselves.’

Nobody knows much about Hall, but some outlets tell about his profession. The hunk was a former police officer in Los Angeles. Now he works in real estate, estates, which the HGTV star is plenty familiar with. Christina puts her love on display in a cuddled-up selfie with her man, who is currently living in Austin, Texas. He works for a successful realty firm in the city.

Joshua revealed in a self-written bio on the firm’s website: ‘I worked in law enforcement, but my 16- year-career cut short due to some injuries. I got these injuries in the line of duty leading to early retirement from my service.’

‘I used to take great pride in helping people with their everyday life problems. I used to put them at ease. The thing which stressed me a lot was not able to do it anymore. But real estate helps me a lot to spread kindness in the world.’

Christina Haack

Joshua took birth and grew up in Southern California. He left his home town hometown in 2017 and settled in Texas. The mother of three lives in Newport Beach, California, so people are curious about their first meet-up. It is still a mystery how he and Christina blossomed on a long-distance level.

After splitting from her husband Ant Anstead last year, as he was spotted kissing Renee Zellweger, Christina started her relationship with her new boyfriend Joshua. She made their affair public o Tuesday during their PDA-packed LAX outing.

Christina Haack and Anstead left each other after two years of their marriage. She wrote a lengthy regretful statement on Instagram when she quit with Anstead in September 2020. Their divorce was officially finalized in June 2022. They had their one-year-old son Hudson.

‘Like all other parents, our children will remain our priority. It was a difficult decision for both of us to separate, but we chose it for our peace of mind. We are grateful to each other for being supportive.’

After a few days of finalizing the divorce with Christina, Ant officially moved onto Academy Award-winner Renee Zellweger. They shared their photos on Instagram while kissing each other on a romantic bike ride and confirmed their budding romance. They took a long ride through Laguna Beach, where the ant is currently living.

A few days later, Renee posted a story on her Instagram outside her home while leaning against the hood of the car. Then she went to grab lunch at a vegan café with Ant and his 21-month-old son. She was cradling the toddler in her arms.

The rumors of their relationship emerged last week and the couple confirmed all such news. Things are moving fast and furious with the duo and soon they are going to tie the knots. They attended an open-air church service over the weekend and the duo was looking close enough. Renee also visited Ant’s Orange County home and spent a few hours there.

Christina also has two children with her ex-husband Tarek El Moussa, co-host of Flip or Flop. Her daughter Taylor, 10, and her five-year-old son, Brayden, lived with their dad. Tarek is going to tie the knots with Selling Sunset star Heather Rae Young.

After nine years of their marriage, Christina and Tarek divorced each other in 2018.

According to some sources, the 42-year-old British TV personality started dating his co-star in early June. He was shooting an episode of his upcoming Discovery+ series Celebrity IOU with the 52-year-old Chicago star.

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