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Chelsea Winstanely revealed a secret of her relationship with a colleague

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Chelsea Winstanely revealed a secret of his colleague. She reported: nine years ago, while she was working on a set of a T.V Documentary her colleague harassed her sexually.

This 42-year-old lady told the news reporter, his colleague took her to a remote area and treated her aggressively. She said I tried hard to defend myself he hold me hard and pushed me to a point where I felt a wave of fear in my body. These were very intimidating and scary moments for me.

Chelsea Winstanley shared her agonizing story in an emotional interview with the New Zealand Herald on Saturday.

She claimed she had married with taika waititi who is a handsome guy and loves her.

Chelsea Winstanely is a New Zealand film producer.

According to the source, she claims that the person who harassing me was a camera operator. The offender was working on the documentary, which she was directing.

Chelsea recorded her statement that during work she asked the camera operator, to show me a scene he had shot. He stood behind me and said to me; bend down, when I did so he said: Yeah bend over more. He also said to me, you would look pretty in a maid outfit. She further said, it’s my fault I trusted him and fell victim to him.

Chelsea says I have never had a discussion with the people in charge that how this person gained my trust as a director I feel wretched how stupid this was!


Chelsea Winstanely

Chelsea looks very gorgeous with her husband in the pictures that taken this year.

After this incident, Chelsea complained about the offender, to both the producer and the series director. When they asked whether, she the offender fired, which she felt uneasy and   said I want to fire the offender. This is because she is mentally disturbed about this strange incident.

After that, Mr. Herald who is the local person and a reporter of The New Zealand contacted the series director who explained the incident, after Chelsea complained. The director told the reporter, according to my recollection the offender crew member was reprimanded for his behavior and said to him to leave the set.

Chelsea expressed her views after that incident; she did nothing more production for the next eight years and stopped her directing activities. Chelsea and her husband both are filmmakers. They earned fame from their occupation.


Chelsea Winstanely

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