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Chef Bobby Flay was looking very keen with his girlfriend Helen York

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The love between chef Bobby Flay and actress Helen York did not diminished. They were very happy on their 2nd marriage anniversary in February. They were walking together by holding their hands.

The couple was walking in Miami on Monday. He was relaxing on the beaches with friend. The beaches were similar to Fedora’s.


Both were enjoying and smiling in the sun. The couple left sea vibes together at Florida. The food master was in Beech Fedora and blue shorts.

His sweetheart was wearing same dress. She was feeling cool in loose linen blouse and blue jean shorts. They wore goggles to protect their eyes.

These sunglasses were not simple. The couple selected their eyes-were according to their outlook and wardrobe. It was not a small wonder.

It might be the work of top stylist. They might be in deep love with each other.

Maybe, they express their love by selecting similar accessories. As long as sunglasses is concern, you can’t wear Gucci sunglasses. It will not work .

The sexy actor was looking Flay while walking affectionately. She is very impress by this celebrity chef. Social media shows , how she impressed by him. In recent post on Instagram, she dropped a clear hint on her friend’s engagement. She wanted to check his internal thoughts.

The 32-years old actress not married so far. Flay has divorced three times. He has 21-years old daughter with his ex-wife ‘Kate Connelly. His daughter name is ‘Sophie’.

York shared her love for celebrity chef on social media. She said , I am dating with a celebrity chef. She loves with food

The New York chef told in an interview with E News in August. He said , it’s amazing to cook with her. I like her presence while cooking.

He said, Helen can cook very well. She learned cooking very badly. But I love her for many things .The most interesting is her curiosity about things. She loves eating.

Chef Bobby legs

When she met with me , she was afraid to cook for me. But it was not problem for me because we cook together. Whenever, he was not in cooking mood. He moved toward freezer for Daily Harvest.

There is a meal kit food company. The company makes vegan and gluten free food. He said, I am going to invest in food company. The partners of the food company are Serena Williams, Haylie Duff and Gwyneth Paltrow.

In his interview with Fortune, he said, I am very impressed by the standard and approach of Daily Harvest. It very healthful and energetic food.

I’m interested to invest in the company . The word vegan refer for the people who want live happy life.

Irony chef participant’s eating habits was bad.

He was around 40 years old. Now, he became fat , lazy and weak. I have gotten overweight because of taking more calories than burn. I do not take exercise regularly to burn calories.

My habits were bad because I eat more and sleep late at night. He told everything to Parade. There are Greek yogurt and fresh fruits in his kitchen.

I thought that I ate mere than two. My career’s best dishes were based on vegetables in my restaurant.

I didn’t thought about it nearly ten years ago. The conclusion of 2018 , everything is good in moderate amount


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