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celine tam the Younger sonsgster of Nine years old

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Celine Tam, who is the popular songster of Hong Kong had performed a song in front of the show’s panel When You Believe.

Celine parents, her name to copy the name of Canadain vocal powerhouse Celine Dion.

She is famous because people know her as the youngest songster of nine years old.


She was very fond of singing so she started singing since her childhood.

Celine Dion, performed a rousing rendition of Whitney Houston’s When You Believe in her third appearance in front of the show’s panel.


On Tuesday the little talented girl performed a song When You Believe in front of a panel.

On the day of her performance the talented singer stood up a glittering magenta pedestal to perform her song When You Believe.

Celine Tam Dion’s, fans also known her by the name of Pint-sized singer. She got this name because she was so young when she starts singing. Her parents boost her a lot.


When Celine was singing in front of the panel, the judge Heidi Klum started to clap to see her explosive performance. The audience clapped when the Celine Dion finished the power ballad to a standing ovation.

celine tam

The host Tyra Banks wants to turn the audience to Mel B for her comments, but the audience did not quite line up.

A girl who was sitting in a crowd said to Celine, you are nine years old! She although you perform well, but in my point of view the song was big for you. The audience cheers and said ‘you are a brave girl we proud of you.  Mel B  said, Celine you are our proud before the Simon interruption.


Celine Dion, who is the favorite of her fans appeared an explosive performance in front of judges during her third appearance.

Celine, who is the popular songster of Hong Kong had performed a song in front of the show’s panel When You Believe.


Her fans cheer her performance and gave her the name of pint-sized. After  her attractive performance, she feel plenty of feeling.


Mel B said, according to judges the song was bigger for Celine. If she selects a different song she can perform better than this.

The judges said to her, ‘You’re amazing, but I think you should have chosen a different song.

They said you are proud of our country so we love you.


Heidi praised Celine   for the ‘innocence’ in her voice and he further said, that ‘I see Broadway, I see movies,’ in her future As, Simon continued to interrupt.

celine tam

celine tam

celine tam


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