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CBS Evil Season 2: New Updates And Facts Revealed For The New Season!

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Streaming channel CBS is throwing a thriller series named “Evil” in the last year. Moreover, Robert King and Michelle King are the creators of the story for CBS.

Fans show their love and response for the series after season 1.

Therefore, on the fans’ demand, the CBS will hit another horror and thriller action in “Evil Season 2.”

Evil is a great change of pace from most suspense/horror shows on the TV network. It doesn’t try to be something it isn’t while being quite effective at creeping you out or making you wonder what just happened.

It pulls it off without having to be overly bloody and gory like most streaming shows on these days. The writing is intelligent and well-paced, while the actors do a great job in their roles.

If you only have time in your schedule for one new show this year? And you’re at all or have ever been a fan of horror/mystery/thrillers. Evil is the way to spend that hour each week.

Some of the best TV network to air in a long time, in the opinion of a long time serial drama fan.

The writing, direction, score, and acting are all top-notch and subtly creepy as hell.

Evil Season 2: Plot

It shows a different story each week instead of having to keep up with a running storyline. But it still keeps some major characters in each episode when needed.

The other thing that fans like about the characters is they all have their flaws, not perfect. Just ordinary people put in extraordinary situations, not asking the viewer to believe or not in the supernatural or the teachings of the church.

It has plenty of demons, ghosts, creepy characters (including kids), and even funny moments. Well, you will find the Evil Season 2 is a fun and well-done change of pace.

Evil Season 2: Cast

The following stars will join the season 2.

  • Katja Herbers as Kristen Bouchard
  • Aasif Mandvi as Ben Shakir
  • Mike Colter as David Acosta
  • Kurt Fuller as Dr. Kurt Boggs
  • Brooklyn Shuck as Lynn Bouchard
  • Marti Matulis as George
  • Skylar Gray as Lila Bouchard
  • Maddy Crocco as Lexis Bouchard
  • Dalya Knapp as Laura Bouchard
  • Christine Lahti as Sheryl Luria,

Evil Season 2: Release Date

However, Evil Season 2 will hit the theatre screens in the last of this year or 2021. After that, if CBS will announce any final date, I will inform you on the same platform next.


It brought back the far creepier imagination than the jump scares and in your face gore so pervasive today. Also, from a science major, the skeptical angle taken to seemingly supernatural events is a refreshing take on a genre.

However, season one was, at 13 episodes, not as long as most network series. But in the review, that’s probably best as there is little filler.

And the story moves in a swift, brief manner uncommon on networks with their sometimes bloated season orders.

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