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Caren Turner , A Port Authority commissioner refused wrongdoing by ranting

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Caren Turner, who is a Port Authority commissioner refused of wrongdoing by crying. Port Authority commissioner of New York and New Jersey has caught by camera giving an explosive-laden tirade to the police officers during a traffic stop.

After being caught, she apologized for her wrongdoing and she said, she was trying for special treatment. On Wednesday, Caren Turner added a statement, one day later Tenafly Police Department broke a video taken by
dash camera.

In which she was trying to rank over police officers who pull over a car in which her daughter was a passenger. Her daughter’s registration would expire on March 31. The video showed that a Democrat lobbyist was shouting at the responding officers and saying ‘may you shut’.

Turner apologized to the police officers for her wrongdoing and repent of her harsh words and tone. She told to NJ.com that my daughter was in the car with her three friends when a police officer pulled over the car.

The police officers impounded the car and left them on the roadside. In deep trouble, I reached there to pick them up. Being a mother, hurt me a lot. That is why I used some harsh words and tone.

Therefore, I apologized to the police officers for my wrongdoing. I did not violate the Code and Conduct of the Port Authority in any way. During my long time stay in Tenafly, I played an active role in community work and also helped the law enforcement personnel, I also gave a new spirit to the Tenafly Police Department.

The former Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie appointed Caren Turner to the Port Authority. Her posting took place last year by Chris Christie’s reference. I never violated the code and ethics of Port Authority and never requested to change rules for anyone involved. But abruptly, she resigned from her post in the Port Authority of New Jersey and New York.

She was a commissioner of the Port Authority. According to the agency report, she resigned from the post after deep thinking and an internal investigation. Then she said, she is a commissioner and leads 4000 police officers. Port Authority is a common agency between the two states.

Turner has already worked as the ethics chair of Port Authority before leaving it. Recently, adopted codes and conduct by commissioners, the board is looking toward them very consciously and arranging a separate committee to review the results of the investigation by the inspector general and is ready to take strict action at Thursday’s board meeting.

During the conflict with police officers, Turner threatened them to use the favor of the Chief of Port Authority of Tenafly. She has already worked on the finance committee of Hillary Clinton and her partner Jon Corzine. The eighth-minute video clips showed that Turner reached the spot where police officers pulled her daughter’s friends.

Turner continued boasting about her position, when a police officer said this car was not registered then she said tell me first why you pulled my daughter’s friend. When the officer said, try to understand Miss, she said, don’t call me Miss, I’m a commissioner. How dare you to tell me, Miss.

After the internal investigations of the agency about Turner, she resigned from her post as commissioner of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. She told about the people pulled out by police from cars and said, one of them is a Ph.D. student while Yale is still a student graduating.

I want to take these four people on Easter Sunday to New Haven. One of the officers said it’s a ridiculous way to talk and behave with us. He said, I don’t say anything about your behavior, but you are demanding more than our approach. You must understand the nature of our work, you can read out the report about them and let us do our work.

Turner said, she is my daughter and the officer said, she is one of them sitting in the car. The officer said this car doesn’t belong to you and your daughter. But the Turner was stepping forward and the officer said, keep distance, please.

When the police officer said Turner to teach the traffic rules and regulations to his daughter, Turner said how dare you to say me anything. Just shame on you said, Turner.

Then Turner threatened them by using her relations with the mayor and chief of police. She said, I have noted your name and you would face my enmity. The officer said, have a pleasant weekend and she said, same to you. There was not any charge against her for her wrongdoing. Her profile has been deleted from the official website of Port

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