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Can We Ace the IELTS Exam with Good Handwriting?

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Everyone despises the aura that a disorganized space gives off. It is challenging to stay in an untidy space because you experience a lot of unfavorable, perplexing, and aggravating energy there. You’ll make every effort to complete the task at hand and exit the situation as soon as you can. The IELTS exam’s handwriting requirements are the same in this regard. It’s a common misperception that applicants for the IELTS exam must have impeccable cursive handwriting. It goes without saying that having legible handwriting is a requirement for success on any written exam. But in this case, clear and understandable handwriting for the reader is simply good handwriting. The examiner will be able to understand anything you wrote clearly if you have clear handwriting.

In the IELTS exam writing module, you must write your response in legible handwriting for others to read. We will provide some advice on how to improve your handwriting and successfully complete the IELTS writing test.

Some candidates have been noted to write a certain alphabet in an informal manner as a habit. Well, you must break this practice before reserving your IELTS exam date. Because adopting an improper alphabet style could result in the examiner reducing your score.

Learn the following advice to enhance your handwriting and answer writing so you can master the IELTS exam:

Neat and orderly writing

What if you receive a book to read that has sloppy handwriting? You are unable to determine the words’ true significance or sense. Furthermore, you’ll get really annoyed if you have to read concepts written in sloppy handwriting. As a result, you must maintain a wrinkle-free, spotless answer sheet. Additionally, utilize appropriate word space to ensure that your response is understandable. You must get practice writing while separating each word with the tip of your index finger. Use a high-quality pen to prevent ink from smudging on the paper. To make your handwriting neater, you must practice beforehand.

Write practice answers

Many applicants frequently neglect to answer the final questions in the haste to write elegantly handwritten answers. No, you must complete the entire paper flawlessly and on time with legible handwriting. You can write your response quickly and properly if you know which handwriting style to use. Use a handwriting technique that helps you finish the work quickly. Additionally, make sure the handwriting is clear and legible. For this, we suggest that you practice writing your answers in advance during the study session. Your handwriting will also be significantly improved by writing on a black or whiteboard. Additionally, select a handwriting style that enables you to compose your response fast and provides you time to consider how to organize your thoughts.

Tools for writing

Before taking the IELTS exam, you should have everything you’ll need to write your response. Pens, pencils, erasers, and sharpeners are a few examples. Make sure these tools are of high quality so you may effortlessly try your paper without any difficulty. It will be very helpful to use a pencil for the listening and reading portions of the IELTS exam. Because there’s a potential you’ll need to remove the earlier response. Additionally, choose dark ink or pencil to write your response so the examiner can see it clearly. To prevent any issues, it is advisable to check the caliber of your writing supplies in advance.

A simple alphabet

You may have noticed that a lot of students frequently employ an informal or illegible alphabet. You risk receiving a low grade if you use an alphabet that is illegible and unapproved. Because of this, you must utilize an official, clear alphabet. Well, many kids have a tendency to write the letters “a” and “o” alike. Inability to distinguish between them will make it difficult for the examiner to understand the meaning of the words. He can understand the words incorrectly and think there is a spelling error. Therefore, if you have a habit of writing any alphabet in an improper or casual style, attempt to break it.

Before scheduling your IELTS/PTE exam dates, try rewriting newspaper articles if you don’t have decent writing skills. Check the appropriate exam dates on the official websites of the organizations responsible for administering the exam.


Unquestionably, legible handwriting is essential to your response’s readability and the examiner’s perception of it. You can definitely get much better at handwriting with honest effort in the IELTS exam.

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