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Brock Davies proposes to Scheana on Tuesday’s episode of Vanderpump Rules on Bravo

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The 33-year-old Brock Davies asked Scheana to marry him on Tuesday’s episode of Vanderpump Rules on Brave. After signing a 35-page prenuptial agreement, the personal trainer Davies got emotional and proposed to Shay on the balcony of their Los Angeles apartment.

Brock covered the floor of the balcony with white and red rose petals.  After signing the document, he asked Shay to close her eyes and brought her onto the balcony through their apartment. He had set up a gold and white balloon arch on the balcony. Once blindfolded Scheana opened her eyes, the arch saying ‘Marry Me’ was just in front of her,

‘You bring so much happiness and joy to my life. I don’t want to spend my life without you. You make me the best and I want to keep growing with you. You are the best daughter, the best girlfriend, the best Mom and now I want you to be the best wife,’ Brock said while holding their hands of Scheana.

Then Brock Davies got down on a knee and asked her: ‘Love, will you be my wife?’ The 33-year-old Scheana giggled and replied ‘course’.

Scheana said they didn’t do a prenup for her first marriage, but now both Brock and Scheana signed the documents in presence of their attorneys along with a notary. The couple asked their attorneys to come to their apartment building as a witness to sign – before starting the new chapter of their lives.

Brock Davies understood her trust issues when she talked about not having a prenup for her first marriage. He crossed his arms as Scheana was telling about her first experience:

‘There was an addiction, but I suffered from everything silently. My ex-husband Michael Shay didn’t want separation, but for me, it was difficult to continue that marriage. My trust broke down, so I offered my husband to split my bank account, and then he agreed on signing the divorce papers.’

‘That was a huge lesson for me. No matter how you love each other, the risk of losing everything is always there.  Life is very unpredictable and scary, so I just don’t want to do the same mistake again.’

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Scheana stared at the ring which Brock put on her hands and then she said that it was big. Brock replied to her: ‘You deserve it, Honey.’

The couple then discussed tying the knots secretly as they did their engagement. They are not letting anyone know about their personal life. The episode titled ‘Between Brock and A Hard Place’ started with the engagement ceremony of James and Raquel at a vineyard in Santa Ynez. They paid a lot of amount for alcohol but didn’t try to drink any of it. The couple took their COVID tests before they headed up to wine country.

Things are getting worse between James and Brock and they both express their hate for each other. James said: ‘I’m sick of his bloody advice. I don’t need to be getting advice from f***ing Brock. I’m sorry, but Brock was a clueless person, big and clueless.’

Meanwhile, Brock is busy with a photo shoot for his Homebody Live Fitness start-up. He said that didn’t afford to get models for his ‘Only Fans but the health and fitness space’, so he helped himself and posed for the shoot.

Brock Davies told Tom Sandoval, 38, that initially, James was composing the music for the photo shoot, but then he changed his mind and made an excuse that he was sick. Scheana said in a confessional: ‘James needs to work on his anger issues. He is very rude to the people he is closest to. He can’t blame the alcohol for being aggressive and rude.’

‘I just feel that I’m stuck between Brock and James. I can’t regret for the rest of my life that I left James alone during the dark phase of his life. On the other side, Brock helped me a lot in my difficult times, so I don’t want to break my bond with him,’ Sandoval said in a confessional.

Ariana told Sandoval that she saw James grab Raquel’s hands. She said when she tried to talk to Raquel then James jumped in and gave her a shut-up call.

Sandoval, Scheana, Ariana Madix, Charli Burnett, and Lala Kent all wore Brock’s Homebody clothesline and posed for photos. Brock orchestrated and directed the shoot himself to save money. It cost a lot of money to start a business, so he tried to minimize other expenses.

After the photo shoot, the group sets out on a wine tour. They arrived at the Sunstone and went to their rooms. ‘The whole place is luxurious and feels like a magical castle,’ Ariana said after checking into her room. Charlie Burnett got a drink straight from the barrel in her mouth.

The group next sat down for a ‘pain and sip’ party. Ariana took first place in the painting of a tree, whereas Lala got runner-up in the competition. During the break, Brock told his fellows that he decided to spend the rest of his life with Scheana, so he proposed to her secretly.

 At night, James served them with toasts and thanked everyone for their presence. Ariana praised James and Raquel for choosing an amazing place for gathering. James apologized for being rude to Ariana and Brock and asked them to accept his apology.

Sandoval said to Ariana and Scheana to move forward in their lives optimistically. He further said it’s totally fine to plan a secret marriage.

The next day Katie met with Randall Emmett and asked him to invest in Ariana’s new sandwich shop business idea.  Randall discussed it with Lisa Vanderpump and asked her if she thought Katie and Ariana’s business idea was a good venture.

Lisa said in a confessional: ‘I know about the nature of Randall, so I’m not giving any advice to him. If the idea goes well, he won’t even thank me. But if it goes wrong, he will surely blame me.’

The Hollywood producer asked Katie and Ariana to wait for a week. He said he would let them know a final answer about his decision by the weekend.

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