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YouTube star Brittani Boren Leach.

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youtube star Brittani Boren Leach and her husband are in pain after losing their child in early age. Analyzer criticized them for posting the pics of their child before donating the organs in his final days. Boren Leach and her husband Jeff were grieving over the infant Crew. Their pain further increased when someone criticized them for sharing the photos of their child.


They shared some of his photos of his final days before donating the organs.
The 29 years old Leach said, such kind of criticism and bad remarks. I am hurt because it
happened at the wrong time when I was grieving for my child’s death and they made my grief more worse for me. She said me and my husband Jeff were at the home of friend at Christmas. The Crew was feeling suffocation after one month of his birth. Leach shared a video with her husband Jeff on her YouTube channel in which they expressed their pain on Sunday.


Brittani Boren Leach


The child was resuscitated but his brain was dead. He left the couple behind in sorrow. They decided to donate some of his organs. The couple said critics made their pain more deep. She said, it was not easy for us to absorb this pain, but analyzer made it  worse for us. We tried to do good for others by sharing his organs.


There are three other sons and a stepdaughter belong to them. Leach shares a series of images I’m hospital with the infant. They were crying for losing him very early. She shared some heartbreaking photos on her Instagram.


While posting the pictures of the infant’s last days on her Instagram. They criticized online.
Leach posted a picture in her wedding dress while burying her child. She was in contact with her fans and followers on social media. Leach updated them about her child’s health till his death.


Brittani Boren Leach


Leach shared a pic of her child with a caption of my sweet baby I have nothing to hold related to you without this pic. I wish to take you in my hand and make you in my lap. The pic only way to miss and see you. She said, the followers knew about Crew when I wrapped him. He liked in wrap because it was his favorite place.


While talk with fans, she said, my family and husband decided to donate his important organs. My pain is very deep. I am thinking that I will not wake up from this nightmare. This heartbroken pain has pushed me in the dark street. Leach said I’m trying to overcome the pain, but I can’t. Indeed, I’m dying internally and I can’t be real.


Leach further added that your comments, questions and discussion are under consideration. Don’t write the comments that you can’t read yourself. Man infuses his thoughts in his comments. I am just saying that don’t put yourself on your shoes. She posted a photo of her child with herself of his final day. On this post me and my husband Jeff were criticized.


Brittani Boren Leach


Leach shared a video in which she revealed that I post this pic as usual on my Instagram because people were asking about Crew’s health. That is why I posted that pic to update the people after receiving their comments. Leach said this is an unbearable pain on Christmas day.


When someone from his followers asked about the reality of pic and her feelings. Leach replied him , you are lucky that you are not in my shoes. If you want to know the truth switch on your TV and see the news there. This is about the reality of my life and you are asking about it’s reality. Her husband Jeff said the reaction of the media on her video was aggressive enough when they mentioned Leach as YouTube star.


On the response of the media she replied the headline that I’m not a YouTube star. I just have 90,000 subscribers. Leach said, on the death of her child Crew, I was hoping that media is the only place that will help me out. But It didn’t happen. She said I just posted his pic on the demand of followers and fans.


Leach said I have seen a lot of comments from people who were talking about common things. Some were saying as ‘how can it possible to update on social media when you are suffering with deep pain. How can one take pictures in such a tough time. They were asking about her reality. She said, I didn’t go through such hard condition before. That is way, I was not aware how to deal with the situation. You are surprised, how would you work in a such situation? And how you feel in such situation? Leach described it through footage.
Leach further informed that, we spent days and nights in hospital. I can see my child hooked up to machines. He was not moving and lying like a dead body. There was less chance to wake up.


She said I am very thankful for those who supported me in such tough time.
Jeff says there is no way to react well. They sign off the post by saying we don’t want to be hurt more. Leach states that everything has been changed for us after the death of th Crew. She was worried, what will people say about it if I online going.

She said, I have been working on YouTube for many years. I am not sure about the intention of the followers, fans and the people who are watching my videos on my YouTube channel. Leach said on her post, If you’ve gone that far and there is comment on this video. Indeed. I have no courage to absorb more negative comments.

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