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Brian McKnight and Leilani Mendoza tied the knots in New York

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On Sunday R&B singer Brian Mc Knight weds Leilani Mendoza in a ceremony full of happiness. The ceremony took place at the Oheka Castle on the North Shore of Long Island situated in New York. The couple knows well how to make their new year’s evening special.

Mr. and Mrs. McKnight posted their pictures on social media with a caption that expressed their happiness: ‘The happiest and most memorable day of our lives. He knows how to make his beloved wife happy, so he arranged the ceremony at her favorite place and made the event glittering.

Both were looking stunning and adorable on their special day. The bride was wearing a white Sabrina and Mannings gown having 50,000 Swarovski crystals. The embellishment of the gown took more than a month of handwork to complete.

The gown of the bride of 48-year-old Brian also featured beautiful sheer panels that made her hotter. These panels were transparent and showing off her legs. The gown on the back side had a long tail of white tulle and a beautiful veil over her dusky hair. She was looking stunning in a white gown with hair tied in the form of a bun.

Leilani was carrying a bouquet full of white roses, holding the hands of Brian and leaving the ceremony with a smile. Both looked at their friends and families with a pretty smile before saying goodbye to them.

Brian McKnight

The singer R&B keeps smiling throughout the ceremony and let it go for even a second. He was looking decent and handsome in a black tuxedo, black bow tie on a white dress shirt. He posted a picture on Instagram in which he was posing by holding the hands of her beloved wife. He also uploaded their romantic black and white picture, bending down to kiss her, against a bright background.

Leilani also shared a picture, kissing to each other first time as husband, wife with a caption: ‘Happy new year from Mr and Mrs McKnight’. Brian posted a snap showing the details of the work on his wife’s gown.

As they left the ceremony, they went to a dining room to enjoy their wedding feast. Their friends and family members were surrounding them in the elegant dining room  tables with delicious food items.

They were dating each other since 2014. Initially they kept their relationship private and finally decided to announce their engagement in May 2017. Brian has two children from his first marriage with his love from high school. He tied the knots with Julie McKnight in 1990 and divorced in 2003.

Leilani is going to be the second wife of the Back and one singer.


Brian McKnight

Brian McKnight

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