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Best Escape room in the world

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Escape rooms are interactive games that require players to solve puzzles, searching for clues and solving riddles. Escape room games are designed to simulate an experience of being trapped somewhere by an antagonist. Those who play escape rooms usually take part in a team of 2–6 people, each of whom plays an important role in rescuing the trapped players at the end of the game. Escape room games were first created in 1996 in Japan and were highly popularized in 2000s with competitions being conducted by organizers such as World Escape Games Association (WEGA), The Global Code Council (GCC), International Association for the Advancement of Krymzel Games (IAAG) and its branch in Ukraine – International Association for Mystical Competition (IAMC).

History Of Escape Room

The history of escape room games can be traced back to a man named Willy Reid in 1901. However, there are many theories as to how escape rooms got their start. A few years later, Richard Smirnoff and Larry Rosen opened a chain of escape rooms in New York City called “Room Escape.” It was during this time period that players began using codes and puzzles to thwart the escape efforts of other players, which formed the basis for the modern day escape room formula. Let us discuss about top escape rooms

Netherlands, Sherlocked

The escape room game “Sherlocked” is available at two locations in the Netherlands. The interior of a historic building in Amsterdam serves as the game’s setting, giving it an almost cinematic feel.You get 90 minutes, and in this game you will play the “bad guys” rather than the “good guys” like in earlier games. You’ll be charged with breaking into a 90-year-old safe in order to take something within that is mysterious. Even though there are a lot of puzzles and riddles to answer, the game also features an actor and emphasises how thrilling the experience would be for the player.

USA’s The Escape Game

You may play at The Escape Game in Nashville, which has seven different rooms. It works well for groups of various sizes and skill levels. Nashville’s Escape Game is unrivalled among American venues of its kind. To keep things interesting, we frequently introduce new rooms. Nashville has a place for you no matter what your interests are, whether they are starship repair, gold mining, or prison escape. The remarkable variety of chambers accessible has propelled The Escape Game in Tennessee to the top of the ratings.

Australia’s Entrance

Since they combine elements of escape rooms with the whole immersion and adrenaline rush of virtual reality, this escape room is unlike anything you’ve ever done.You won’t only be solving puzzles, like you would in another escape room. Along with your friends, you get to test out flying, telekinesis, combating demons, huge spiders, hostile robots, launching lasers, and a tonne of other bizarre things.

With Entermission, six players may share a VR experience in the same space. When you offer your friends a virtual high five, you can actually touch their hands. Pay attention to your team’s gasps, shouts, and shrieks!

Budapest, Hungary has Claustrophilia.

The players in Lord Wickelwood’s Voodoo TALES are thrown into an abandoned apartment full with a treasure hunter’s stashes. With so many odds and ends, it’s tempting to believe you’re in the early 1900s, rummaging through the collection of a long-dead adventurer.

Claustrophilia is a simple escape room, and this location in Hungary is one of the best escape rooms for families.


In conclusion, I can say that the escape room is the best experience that you can get from an experience. It’s a place where you can enjoy everything from puzzles and riddles to ghost hunting and physical challenges. So, if you want to satisfy your curiosity, download the instructions on how to play escape room game here

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