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bert girigorie

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Bert Girigorie is working with a Marketing Agency. He said he made a lot of money in his life and now has owned $ 40 million.

In an interview he shared his personal life story he said I have a lot of money in my life and wanted to spend a peaceful life but unfortunately my wife has left me due to some reasons.

He said I was fed up because of her bizarre behavior. Bert Girigorie’s wife’s name is Wendy Williams. She has a beautiful, stunning body. Bert Girigorie said I loved my life, but she was not satisfied with me on the day of our wedding.


bert girigorie


According to the TV show host, Wendy William is living in a sober home. On The Wendy Williams show she told her previous she said I have many clashes with Bert Girigorie.so I decide to leave him forever.

They both shared their pictures when they were together in New York Wedneday.

Bert Girigorie said the personality issues rocked their relationship. It is like breaking news for Bert Girigorie’s fans his wife Wendy Williams has relationship with Kevin Hunter. According to the news  Kevin Hunter had a baby with Sharina Hudson.

Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter put on a united front in New York.

Once the couple went to a commercial address they park their car in midtown Wendy Williams swapped their car and left the place with Kevin.



bert girigorie


Williams shared her picture when she split from her first husband three years when they began dating in 1992.

Bert Girigorie told his viewers once William was unwell last October all her fans showed worrying about her health is was a very bizarre scene Bert Girigorie told RadarOnline.


bert girigorie


Bert added about his ex wife he said we celebrate our wedding ceremony with much enthusiasm.

The early days were great for us, but later she acts strange. I was surprised how she is acting with me. I did not understand her behavior.I don’t know what was going on. I couldn’t quite understand what she wanted. Girigorie recalled the days of his wedding. he also shared his wedding pictures on Instagram and have an appreciation. They have memorable photos taken by photographer.

Girigorie told Wendy Williams  start off to make her plan to spend vacations alone in Rio as it was  a wonderful idea and that eventually end up being a nightmare to manage. Girigorie regarded as Brazilian is an unsafe, city he said I was surprised how my wife make a plan to go there solo. Wendy Williams used to do a lot of drugs, but she kept it a secret from me. I was skeptical about her drugs but, I was not sure about it. Her movements were suspicious.


bert girigorie


She began to week and her tears welled up in her eyes when she was asking about a sober home where she was living Wendy admitted she had been living at a sober home in Long Island City, Queens and told she attended meetings around New York city during her stay.

54 years old Wendy William recently admitted she started drinking after her marriage.

Breaking news: the news is spreading all around Kevin hunter welcomed a child with Sharina  Hudson.


bert girigorie


DailyMail.com revealed Wendy was using drinks during her pregnancy due to constant alcohal she had a detrimental effect on her pregnancy. As a result she was taken to hospital.


Now, according to the source Wendy is thinking of getting a divorce from her husband because she did not know that he is married to Sharina and has a baby from her lap. She feel ashamed of what she had done. She had lost her everything and now all were worrying about her life.

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