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Gareth Bale went ballistic when his father in law shared a post of his newly born grandbaby. A new discussion started when father in law shared a picture of Gareth Bale’s newly born baby. The grandpa of a newly born baby is a rogue. The parents of the child allow him to take photographs with newly born babies. But they said to make it private.
When the father in law of a famous footballer shared a photograph of a newly born baby, Gareth was surprised.


Although, his strained relationship with his daughter Emma and Bale, they invited Martin Rhys-Jones to their party in Cardiff. Where they allowed him to take a picture with infant Axel Charles. They pleaded with him to keep private this photo and not shared on social media.


But he ignored their request and share it on his Twitter page while publishing his book. As all know this man was an international fraudster. This deviant act has made a new hurdle between him and the couple. Although they did not invite him before in their wedding.


They couple was amazed when Martin Rhys-Jones posted a picture of an infant. The couple is very careful about their children’s privacy, but Martin did not care it. His negligence fueled the rift between them. The Wales captain is the owner of the Welsh capital invited his father in-law in his party at the Elevens. It was the best chance to show his new baby whom he always dreamed.

berniece julien

The child of Emma Rhys-Jones was shown to all the relatives and requested them not to share the pics of the infant on social media. There was a huge amount of crowed outside the bar. Bale rested for a night in the bar and met with a number of his fans. The father of five children Martin ignored the request and captioned of a photo : me and my grandbaby with his father at eleven. He further said, the taste of food is as well as freedom.


The relatives of Bale said Emma Rhys-Jones said Martin ignored your request and shared it. He was still there to see the infant. They delayed their weeding due to family issues. It is reported they  planned to do the weeding more historic that is why they chose Tuscany in Italy and wanted to invite Beyonce as weeding singer.


The couple postponed their wedding for next summer due to some heartbreaking incidents. Her father was on of the international fraudsters who served six years for £2 million international fraud with investors. While, former hairdresser Emma Rhys-Jones was trying to minimize the rift with her father. There was one count of money laundering on her father for selling a useless stock at grossly at high rates.

berniece julien

While committing his crime of cheating on people he spoke in court, It’s a great shame for me and I have a deep pain of financial loss of the  victims. He could not enjoy the birthday of his three grandchildren, including two daughters from his own daughter Emma Rhys-Jones. She is sharing two daughters with Bale, Alba violet 5 and Nava Valentina.


Emma was more alone when her father left her and moved with half aged Russian florist after releasing from US jail. While Emma was planning her wedding ceremony someone told her about the death of her sister’s partner  Alexander William. Someone burnt the cars belonged to her grandparents and aunt by pouring patrol in 2016 in north Wales. Emma’s cousin Epiphany Dring who is a former glamor model, she allegedly went away with a suitcase full of cash.


She also got into fights with a drug gang after disappearing with drugs and watches. The total worth of the suitcase was about one million pounds.One inquest told Bale that his brother-in-law suicide because of being investigated of his children by social services. Last two years were downcast for them.

berniece julien

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