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Benefits of Installing French Doors

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French windows and doors have been around for a long time. Originating in the 16th and 17th centuries, these types of doors have been a classic choice for many homeowners. A typical French door consists of full-length dual panes that open inwards. Other than being an aesthetically appealing option, modern French windows and doors are also quite functional. So, if you are planning on getting new fenestration products for your space, here are a few reasons why French doors would be a fantastic pick: 

Easy Access

Convenience and functionality are the two most important aspects when it comes to choosing windows and doors for your home. And with French doors, you can enjoy easy ingress and egress as they have a very traditional mechanism. French doors have two sashes that can be opened inwards, allowing you to enter and exit quite easily. Moreover, these doors can help open your house up and give a sense of a larger space, as and when required. 

More Natural Light

French doors usually have large frames with smaller glass panes. This means that sufficient natural light can enter indoors even when the doors are closed. Also, French windows, unlike sliding windows, can be opened up completely, increasing the amount of sunlight entering your room. While this is a fantastic way to connect with the surroundings of your area, a good inflow of sunlight in your room can also have a bunch of health benefits.  

Energy Efficient 

The technology used to manufacture housing products has improved significantly. Thus, finding French doors that are energy efficient is a lot easier now. For instance, one of the leading fenestration product manufacturers in India, such as TOSTEM India, offers doors and windows that come with advanced Japanese technology and its patented TEXGAURD coating that can prevent air leakage. Also, these days, people are investing in aluminum doors and windows that tend to be more robust and more energy efficient. 


Being a classic choice, French doors and windows are incredibly versatile. These types of windows and doors can be installed in almost any area of your house- patios, porches, decks, and balconies. Moreover, these types of doors and windows are elegant and sophisticated, which makes them an excellent fit for both traditional homes as well as modern flats. 


Traditional doors tend to offer higher security. French doors have two hinged sashes that can come with a quality locking mechanism. One can also pick doors with double or triple glazing that offer enhanced safety and security. Some top housing product manufacturers, such as TOSTEM India, provide doors and windows equipped with a crescent locking mechanism, offering excellent protection and safety. So, while picking French doors for your home, be sure to focus on the product’s quality. 


French doors are indeed a fantastic choice and can instantly enhance the curb appeal of any space. We hope this information helps you get an idea of the wide-ranging benefits of French doors and windows that will be appealing, functional, and safe. 

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