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kirra max bohan the daughter of Audrine Patridge turns to five.

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News Beginning star Audrine Patridge, who has slim 5ft5in figure wants to showcase herself so she selects the  beige patterned and go there with her daughter. Audrine Patridge were going to celebrate her 36th birthday on Sunday. She was looking happy on her birthday, so she decides to go to the beach.

Audrine Patridge has a beautiful little daughter of 5 years. She said to her followers I am going to celebrate my 36th birthday tomorrow, so I decided to visit the beach with my little princes on  Saturday evening.

Audrine Patridge is the native of Los Angeles City. She an active and small lady and has a daughter whose named Kirra Max Bohan. When she visited the beach to enjoy she had worn a bikini top and bottom feature a side sash.

On the day before her birthday Audrine Patridge wants to enjoy the evening view on the beach. Audrine Patridge revealed she wants to commemorate her birthday, so she selected the beach to fulfill her desire.

On Saturday Audrine Patridge went to the beach on the Hawaiian Isle of Oahu with her daughter Kirra Max Bohan. Audrina and her four-year-old precious princess visit at the Disney Resort & Spa, Aulani on her birthday evening to commemorate the birthday of  the mother Audrine Patridge.

The Hills: New Beginnings star Audrina Patridge had worn a bikini top and bottom when she visits the beach. Audrina Patridge  hit the beach on the Hawaiian Isle of Oahu with her daughter Kirra Max Bohan on Saturday.

Both the daughter and mother had worn the same dress when she visited the beach and was looking so beautiful.

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Not an inch to pinch! The Los Angeles native showcased her slim 5ft5in figure on the Saturday evening. She had worn underwire bikini top and bottom featuring a side sash.

It’s an interesting news on Saturday evening when the mother and daughter was enjoying together someone said today is mother’s day so  on this occasion  give us the views about mother’s day.

Patridge reply I have a little princess who turns five on June 24 I love her so much. I cannot imagine living without her. When she was born I was so excited and I thanked  God she blessed me with a daughter. Now, whenever I feel alone, I myself then her presence gives me the courage to be happy.

The mother said, I have a large number of followers on my social media account and I always want to share my all celebration with them. She further explained, when my followers like my page I feel pride.

The mother said the presence of my daughter gives me satisfaction so I spend my time with my daughter whenever I feel unhappy.

My daughter came into my life and made my life beautiful. I want to pay my all attention to my daughter. It’s not wrong to say my daughter is now my focal point.

Audrina said my daughter Kirra growing up so fast so its looking so amazing for me. The mother and daughter were looking so happy on this occasion of mother’s birthday. They visit the beach the day before Sunday. The Mother shared the beautiful picture which they were made On Saturday evening.

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