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At least Hunter Biden accepted Navy Roberts Joan his biological daughter.

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Navy JoanRoberts is Joe Biden’s seventh grandchild, the daughter of his second son Hunter. Hunter is a professional attorney who has always been in the headlines for many ambiguous reasons. However, the Navy’s father is regular a spot-on personality inthe media but her mother is not fully uncovered so far.She was born in November 2018. Her mother Lunden Roberts is sharing her with Biden’s second son Hunter.

But Hunter refuses to accept her as his daughter. The little girl’s mother first announced her pregnancy but Hunter refused.Hesays that this pregnancy did not happen because of me.

Navy Roberts has four more step-siblings from her father’s side.Hunter used to work on the board of Burisma Holdings. It is a natural gas manufacturer in Ukraine.Navy Roberts is going to celebrate her 4th birthday this year 2022. First, her father denied her accept his daughter, but later DNA report proved him as her biological father.

Initially, her mother did not show her pregnancy but all sudden she filed a lawsuit for child support against him.The little girl still has not any social media account while her mother shared her snap in such a way by hiding her identity.But it is still not clear whether her father has seen her face to face.

Hunter’s mother and his sister perishedduring an accident, and he and his brother decided to remarry their father. Finally,four years later Biden married Jill Biden.

Lunden invited Hunter to see his daughter.

Navy mama texted her father Hunter to visit his daughter. Her message is exposed when she said I know he wants to see her but I can not change the decision that I have made. She said I can’t stop you to visit his daughter. My door is always open for you to see her.

In such a case, Hunter considered her as his daughter because the court forced him for DNA test after Ms. Roberts prosecuted.


The elected president in 2020, keep his seventh granddaughter under cover. He did not expose her before the world. She brought up in a veil of secrecy. Joan Roberts is a cute and beautiful girl.

Biden did not want to show her that is why she was growing up in secrecy. In 2020, when Biden won the election. He invited his six grandchildren on the stage to announce that he has won the election of 2020 and became a present. But the seventh granddaughter Navy Joan Roberts was missing from the America’s next First Family ranks. She was just two years old daughter. Joan was with her father Lunden Roberts.

Navy Joan Roberts

That is why Biden denied to invite him. Biden shamefully refused to accept her with her father by saying they didn’t belong to us. She was still under a veil. None told her age, sex and name. Still, she was unknown from the world. Although she was brought up nicely in a loving and caring family. The people around her very caring and loving. Joan was growing in nice family, but the political cast was unaware about her.

DailyMail.com exposed that she is growing in an Arkansas rural. And a happy family around her. In March the Hunter who is about 50 years old involved in scandal. He filed for a paternity trail against unknown person. The DNA test report has cleared that the child had biological and legal father. According to the Roberts filing, the recovered drug addict had never met her. He didn’t recognize her  photo line up.

When Biden won the presidential election of 2020 on Saturday night. He invited his six grand children on the stage to celebrate his new journey. Where he announced that I’m the president of America. The seventh granddaughter was missing on stage. She was Navy Joan Roberts two years old daughter whose father was with stripper Lunden Roberts. Her family never introduced her publically.

In August when she turned to her sister Randi Jo posted her rare photo on social media. She turned away camera from her face to hide her. Hunter was mostly absent from the race of the 2020 election. Last time he appeared on stage with his 77 year old father Biden to celebrate a brief victory. He was with Cohen and a seven months child when he spotted on stage. This was his fifth child whose name was Beau. He was named in the honor of his late brother who had died due to brain cancer in 2015.

The scandal person Hunter filed a case against unknown. The DNA report cleared that he was the legal and biological father. In Sunday night post Joe Biden, his wife Jill, son Hunter, Melissa the wife of Hunter and the son Beau. Hunter’s first Kathleen sharing Nomi, Maisy and Finnegan with him. He first married with Kathleen, they lived together in a relationship for 22 years. After that Hunter divorced her.

Hunter was in a relationship with his brother’s late wife Hallie. On Saturday, the stage was full with Beau’s children, Natalie, Robert Hunter Biden II, Jill Biden’s wife, daughter Ashley and her husband Howard Krein. In Empire Club a strip joint in Washington, DC, where Lunden Roberts used to work. His fling with Hunter in 2017.

The lawyer of Roberts was Clint Lancaster, who said the child was happy and growing well. He told to DailyMail.com about the child. Further, he added that Ms. Roberts is quite good and the youngster is upbringing well, he is safe and peaceful. Joe Biden’s family will be more comfortable and satisfied. Because they belong to the most powerful person in the land.

They were entitled to the detail of the Secret Service. Lancaster said I was not supposed to tell the security arrangements for clients. After knowing about the young kid DailyMail.com decided to keep her under cover. It didn’t show the address of a beautiful girl. Her reference in court was given by her name initials NJR.

The Family never exposed her in the media or public. Last time Roberts sister Randi Jo posted her pic on Facebook. She turned away her face from camera to protect her from identity.

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