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Ashly Schwan tells about her experience of getting lip filler

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A woman shared her traumatic experience with botched lip fillers and asked people to do complete research before going under the needle. The 20-year-old Ashly Schwan uploaded a video on her YouTube channel in which she told about her experience of getting lip fillers three times.

Ashly from Los Angeles, California explained: ‘As a young girl, I am a crazy perfectionist that forced me to get the procedure done. I practically work on social media, so I look at myself all day. By looking at the photos on social media and photos of myself every day, I got an urge to try lip fillers.’

In her video, she revealed that she went through this procedure three times. The doctor used the wrong filler the first two times, which quickly disappeared after two months. She admitted her fault that she didn’t consult properly before getting lip fillers. She explained that she was very happy with her features except for her upper lip.

‘The features of my face are very strong as I have big eyes, a big nose, small lips, and just a small mouth. I wanted everything on my face to look even, so I decided to even out the proportions of my face. My upper lip has been just so small or I could say I had no upper lip. Every time I smiled, my upper lip would completely disappear.’

She added: ‘I love to do makeup, but I was unable to ‘play with all the fun Kylie lip kits’ with my thin lips. I tried lip filler because I wanted to see what it would be like to have lips. To experience my favorite lipstick shades, I went to get my lip injections.’

‘For the first time, I went to a doctor on the recommendation of my cousin.  When I arrived at the clinic, the doctor didn’t bother to ask what kind of look I wanted to achieve. He didn’t go through any sort of consultation or not provide a single piece of information before starting the procedure ’, she admitted.

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Consultation with your doctor is the main thing to look for if you’re going to get lip filler. But in her cathe see, doctor the  applied numbing cream on her lips and simply started inserting the injections.

The results were quite good and she was happy with the final look, but her lip fillers started disappearing within two months. Usually, lip fillers retain from 9 to 12 months. She had to return to the clinic once again to get lip fillers, but again these fillers disappeared quickly.

‘Go to a doctor who is knowledgeable about his/her work, makes you feel comfortable and abo, ve all discuss all details of the procedure with you before starting it. Never compromise on these things, I repeat never, she said.

Then one of her friends recommended her she go to Dr. Sherly Soleiman.  The blogger Ashly went to her at her clinic The Cosmetics Injectable Center in Encino, California, and thankfully this time she got what she wanted. Her third experience of getting lip fillers was completely different.

Dr. Soleiman explained about the different types of fillers, the difference between fillers on the basis of their density and range, and above all asked her about her requirements. Her experience of getting lip fillers has gone successfully this time without causing any pain or bruising.

She is now happy with her plumped-up lips and is expecting her fillers to last for at least nine months. The social media star said that she was unaware of the fact that there are different types of fillers on basis of density.

‘I just wanted to make my lips pouty and a little bit bigger, so Dr. Soleiman advised me to get the Juvederm Ultra Plus filler. She explained that this filler is a little bit puffy and would not drop down as flat as it did before. One of the best things about this filler is its good amount of retention time.’

Dr. Soleiman also told her that first she got the weakest and most easily dissolved fillers.

‘I told Dr. Soleiman that I didn’t want Kylie JennerJenner’s to challenge lips. She assured me that her filler would be perfect and wouldn’t give me the look of a blow-up doll.’

She shared that she got a natural look after getting her filler. The blogger also told about her experience which was different concerning pain and recovery.

While talking about her experience with Dr. Soleimn, she said: ‘I do have a high pain tolerance, but it was too hurting for the first two times. My friend went with me and she also started crying, but this time it was pain-free or one out of ten just because of my doctor. A doctor who knew what she is going to do.’

‘She uses round needles despite pointed ends or regular needles. These needles were not hurting me even without using numbing cream, but Dr. Soleiman put numbing cream on the needle to work in a pain-free environment. She didn’t numb my whole jaw area, but only the tip from the inside.’

Ashly told that the initial incision was slightly painful and then she didn’t feel any pain at all.

‘I was too nervous, but when she inserted the needle all of my fears flew away. The needles were not hurting me at all, so I started laughing and making jokes. It was shocking for me to believe how much of an easy process this was because I went through hell two times before it.’

The blogger got one syringe of filler in a very reasonable amount and Dr. Soleiman divided the amount of filler into four quarters. She paid the same amount for her top and bottom lips.

Ashly said she didn’t feel any pain, but minor swelling and bruising for the first couple of days. Within 15 days, her lips started looking completely natural. This time she is very happy with the results of these lip fillers.

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