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As they exit a private jet in Los Angeles, Jennifer Lopez shows her toned midriff in a pink crop top, and Ben Affleck embraces stepdaughter Emme affectionately.

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Early on Sunday, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were seen arriving back in Los Angeles in style.

Choosing fashionable comfort for their flight, the Hustlers actor, 53, and the Gone Girl actor, 50, stepped off of their private jet.

The couple, together with the singer’s adolescent twins Emme and Max, travelled to Miami over the weekend in order to attend the socialite JR Ridinger’s funeral ceremony, which was held on Saturday evening and honoured his life after his passing in August.

The gifted performer was dressed stylishly as she relaxed on a journey back to sunny Los Angeles.

She changed into a pair of pale pink sweatpants and a long-sleeved crop top that matched, revealing a hint of her toned stomach.

Jennifer finished off her ensemble with a pair of white sneakers for her busy afternoon.

To prevent any stray hairs from falling into her face, the beauty pulled her long locks back into a tight ponytail

The singer, her husband, and her 14-year-old daughter, Emme, had flown to Miami to attend socialite JR Ridinger’s funeral on Saturday night.

The actress completed her ensemble with a silver bracelet, several rings, and a pair of sizable hoop earrings.

Jennifer clutched a large, green purse in her left hand and hurried down the few steps.

Ben arrived at the door of the private plane shortly after Jennifer. He wore a white button-up and dark grey slacks to keep his outfit basic and laid-back for the journey.

He slid into a pair of Nike sneakers in grey and white. As he descended the steps, a black rucksack was slung over his right shoulder.

Emme and Max, Jennifer’s twins who are 14 years old and who she had with her ex-husband Marc Anthony, travelled with the two of them to Miami.

Emme was dressed casually in a printed hoodie in dark blue and a pair of black and white checkered trousers.

Max emerged last and was spotted making his way to an oncoming car while donning a green jacket and matching coloured leggings.

The family travelled to Miami via plane to attend the celebratory memorial service honouring the life of JR Ridinger, a socialite and co-founder of Market America.

Ben and Jennifer came by to pay their respects to the late businessman while dressed entirely in black.

To make sure Emme got off of the jet safely, the Hollywood star turned around.The singer of On The Floor donned a classy, sleeveless dress with a low V-cut and thin straps.She also added a couple fashionable bracelets and a silver necklace that sparkled in the light.

Ben may be seen sporting a black suit, a white dress shirt, and a black tie.

The two lovers arrived at the location holding hands and stayed close to one another during the solemn mourning service.

JR Ridinger, who died in August from a fatal pulmonary embolism, was remembered by Jennifer while Alicia Keys played the piano.

Other famous people, such as Kim Kardashian, who was also dressed in all-black Balenciaga and had opulent, sparkling earrings from the designer house, showed their respect for the late CEO.

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