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Android 21: Review

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The Android 21 was created using the Vomi template. When she assumes her evil persona, she becomes the main antagonist of Dragon Ball FighterZ. She may be even wiser than Dr. Gero, but her intelligence rivals his. Akira Toriyama created Android 21.


Android 21 is characterised as a tall, slender scientist with spectacles and long, reddish hair that’s been styled into a mop. She has black nails and a gold ring on her left middle finger. She accessorises with a pair of hoops, a short, sleeveless turtleneck dress with a blue and red check pattern, opaque black tights, black unattached arm sleeves, and blue and red heel boots. Her eyes resemble the Androids created by Dr. Gero, including Android 18.

In her actual form, Android 21 retains her curvy physique but changes to pink skin, pale pink hair, elongated ears, eyes that change depending on whether her evil side takes control, and a tail.

She now wears a black tube top with matching black arm sleeves and white loose leggings. It is noted that in this form, she most closely resembles a Majin. Depending on the moral alignment she represents, her eyes slightly change. She keeps her human form’s eyes in this accurate portrayal. Instead, in her malevolent portrayal, her eyes resemble those of a Majin more generally. She possesses all of the characteristics of the Z Fighters, Frieza, Cell, and Majin Buu combined, which is how she appears in her real form.In a private conversation with the player, Android 21 explains that while having the appearance of an adult, she is actually younger than ten years old. She regrets not having experienced puberty and finds it odd when young children address her as “ma’am.”


Android 21’s biology has given her a strong, obsessive want to eat (which grew out of control due to cells in her body going berserk). She enjoys sweets and confections, with macarons being her favourite, much like Majin Buu. But she can’t control her appetite, and she has to fight continuously to restrain herself from turning people into delicacies and eating them.

Because of how intense and severe her hunger is, Android 21’s mentality has been harmed, resulting in the manifestation of a split personality. The more time she goes without eating, the more power the wicked half of her seizes. When her actual self is in charge, she behaves as a compassionate and nurturing woman who was worried about Android 18 and volunteered to assist her. She, however, transforms into a vicious and power-hungry psychopath when her evil ego is in charge, seeking to “devour” all the strong combatants to the point of almost going insane. When Buu’s cells were joined to her, she acquired the characteristics of the Majins, including a gluttonous lust for “devouring” strong combatants.

After her good self utilised fission as a result of the mental turmoil brought on by the murder of her adopted son, Android 16, who was killed by her evil side as a result of her losing control, her personalities were subsequently transferred to her two halves.

She admits she has little to no memory of her former life as a human, though she enjoys imagining what her template’s name and life might have been like. Android 21’s good side is aware that her human template was the mother of Android 16’s template, which causes her to develop mother-like affection for him. She also doesn’t seem to be aware of Dr. Gero’s connection to her human template or that he was the father of Android 16’s template. She mentions to the player during one of their conversations that, despite not being a good person, her creator was a brilliant scientist. She also confesses that she would like to know why she was created, though she acknowledges that he might not respond.Interestingly, despite it being clear that she is referring to Dr. Gero, she never directly speaks his name. It is likely that she learned about him from her scant memories or from what she discovered when researching herself and Android 16.

In contrast, her evil side commands Android 18 to assault her spouse Krillin since it doesn’t give a damn about Android 16 and thinks Androids don’t care about things like family and loved ones. She solely respects Dr. Gero for his labs and research, too. The wicked aspect of Android 21’s mentality does not discount the idea of pursuing galactic conquest, even though that objective is still secondary to sated her hunger.

The bad 21 thinks only about herself and has a selfish bratty disposition, in contrast to her good side. Like Cell, she perceives others as inferior because of her might, but she also thinks of them as nothing more than food to help her grow stronger. She is in charge of producing evil clones of the Z Fighters, Nappa, the Ginyu Force, Frieza, Cell (all of whom she revived with the Namekian Dragon Balls), and Kid Buu; while finding their taste to be unappetizing, they only exist as a source of food to satisfy her hunger. She only permits the Androids, Z Fighters, and villains who have been revived to live and become stronger in order to forward her plan to consume them.

The evil 21 derided her good half’s defiance of the want to gain power by consuming others, convinced that she was a hypocrite who would finally cave in to her hunger and consume her companions. Nevertheless, the good 21 was able to communicate with the human soul that had been paired with Android 18, which gave her the ability to resist her evil side without giving in to her hunger. However, the good 21 was afraid that one day she might lose control and so she made the decision to give her life to thwart her evil counterpart as well as to keep herself from losing control and harming her newfound companions.

Whis and Beerus noticed that the good 21 would eventually have died of starvation, therefore her sacrifice was ultimately for the sake of all. Although it’s possible that the good 21 did not want to run the risk of losing control of herself, it’s uncertain if she could have permanently conquered her hunger. The selfless quality of the excellent 21’s character is appropriately similar to that of her adopted son, Android 16.


The past of Android 21 is unclear, and it appears that she is unaware of the reality.

In one case, she asserts that Doctor Gero changed her from a Human-type Earthling into an Android. She had a human son with Dr. Gero, and he served as the inspiration for Android 16’s appearance.

Another time, 21 remarks that she is a new sort of Bio-Android, superior to Cell, created in the likeness of a human female with an adult IQ, although being only nine years old, making her feel as though she missed out on puberty.

She eventually acquired the cells of many strong warriors and knowledgeable researchers, including several that resembled Buu. She claims she has no recollection of her alleged life as a human and that she frequently found it amusing to speculate about her former name and her life. She was a new form of Android that was different from mecha-types (like type 16) and modified humans, but she had no idea why Gero had made her (like 17 and 18).Gero showed some affection for him, but she didn’t show much concern for him or the Android created in her son’s image. This was probably because she believed that androids don’t need family and friends.

21 eventually remembered the memories of her or her template having a son. She later fixed Android 16 (the android whose design was fashioned after her son), and revealed that she wanted to treat him like family, because she recognised how much she wanted to see him and have him by her side. Dr. Gero’s relationship with Android 21 is unclear because she appears to be unaware that he is the father of her son who shares a biological parent with her.

The cells in 21 may have gone mad at some time, causing her to have excessive cravings to eat, according to Android 16. It’s possible that Majin Buu’s cells were to blame. Additionally, as Majins and Saiyans are both known to have voracious appetites, Android 21’s hunger might be brought on by her particular mix of Majin and Saiyan cells. As her evil side is known to be cold-hearted like Frieza and Cell while showing signs of psychosis akin to Kid Buu, her evil nature may also have been impacted by the combination of cells she obtained from Frieza, Cell, and Kid Buu. The goal of planetary conquest, which may perhaps be influenced by Frieza’s cells, is not rejected by the wicked 21.

It should be noted that only in the timeline of the Android 21 Arc did her evil personality activate the Wave Machine cause her original personality to regain control. Her evil personality then takes over Android 16 and forces him to serve her, but in the timeline of the Super Warrior Arc, he rebels by linking a human soul to Goku, while in the timeline of the Enemy Warrior Arc, it accidentally links with Frieza. Her original personality collaborates with Android 16 to find a solution to control her evil side and hunger in the timeframe of the Android 21 Arc.

Android 21 Power

Android 21, one of the series’ most potent androids and the most potent female android produced by Dr. Gero’s research, was built from the cells of countless scientists and warriors. She can absorb various living forms, including Majin Buu and Cell, which she accomplishes by converting them into sweets and devouring them to gain power.

She effortlessly defeats Cell in the Super Warrior arc without even using half of her power. She is easily able to beat Nappa, the Ginyu Force, and Frieza’s final form when inhibited by the waves (who are all also inhibited by the waves). She is vanquished by the combined power of Super Saiyan Goku, Super Saiyan Vegeta, Ultimate Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin, Tien Shinhan, Yamcha, Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks, and Good Buu after absorbing Nappa, Cell, the Ginyu Force, and Frieza. Vegeta claims that he could have defeated 21 on his alone if he had had access to his full power.In the Android 21 arc, Android 21 is able to defeat Cell even after Cell has significantly increased his power by using the artificial soul he has been implanted with when working alongside Androids 17, 18, and 16 and when hindered by waves.

She is described by Android 16 as being more stronger than Cell and having more potential than he ever did. He claims that she can continually strengthen herself by consuming the flesh of other living things and that this drive to eat is her most harmful trait.

She is described by Android 16 as being more stronger than Cell and having more potential than he ever did. He claims that she can continually strengthen herself by consuming the flesh of other living things and that this drive to eat is her most harmful trait.

In the opening conversation of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2’s encounter with Android 18, base Android 21 refers to 18 as being stronger than her but asserts that she will outperform her.She is as strong as the series’ best warriors.

Who fought off Android 21?

Goku is ultimately successful in destroying Android 21 with a Super Spirit Bomb because to Android 21’s positive disposition

Is Android 21 Alive?

Although she was weaker than her evil self, after facing many enemies, she became stronger and was able to hold her off long enough for Goku to charge up a Spirit Bomb. However, she ultimately decided to die with her evil half in order to stop her hunger from harming her new friends as it had Android 16.

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