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Android 16: Review

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Dr. Gero’s sixteenth Android design, Android 16, was based on the Gevo model. He was initially intended to fulfil Gero’s revenge against Goku, who as a youngster overthrew the Red Ribbon Army but was subsequently found to be unsuited for activation.


With a height that is more than twice as tall as Androids 18 and 17, Android 16 is unquestionably the tallest Android in the whole “Dragon Ball” franchise.

He wears gold hoops earrings, a mohawk that is red and orange, and icy blue eyes. He wears a lime green vest, lime green boots, and lime green bracers over a dark undersuit. His vest’s left side bears a little Red Ribbon Army insignia that serves as a reminder of his loyalty. This ostensibly changes when 16 is brought to Dr. Brief for repairs; the Capsule Corp. logo is patched on once he joins the Z-Fighters. His physical characteristics are modelled on Dr. Gero’s son Gevo, a distinguished Red Ribbon Army soldier with the codename “Gold,” who was assassinated by an enemy weapon.


Aside from a chilly and distant attitude toward Goku in especially because he was previously designed to kill him, Android 16 is calm, pleasant, and enjoys nature and people in spite of his intimidating stature, monotone speech, and presumably menacing look. He described Cell as an existence whose goal is to kill life, especially nature and animals, and said that he does not accept evil (as Cell is the true evil destroying android that posed a destructive intention to the Earth and its inhabitants of the present timeline, not himself, 17 and 18).

As he attempted to get Androids 17 and 18 to flee and hide somewhere so they wouldn’t be absorbed by Cell, even battling the imperfect bio-android, these efforts proved futile because 17’s arrogance got the better of him, resulting in his absorption, and 18’s damaged body and Semi-Perfect Cell’s power were too much for him, leaving him unable to protect her and leading to her own absorption. These traits demonstrated his protectiveness of those he considers his friends He and the other android, 17, got along like a couple of brothers.

After his resurrection, 17 changed his demeanour to take on a calm, mature, gentlemanly persona, who is willing to sacrifice himself to protect the surrounding animals from anyone who attempts to harm them. It is likely that 16’s nature-loving personality served as inspiration for him to become a park ranger himself.

Due to 16’s calm demeanour, she unexpectedly felt a connection to Goku’s kid Gohan. In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, Android 16 insists that he is just after Goku and not his children, and he even asks Gohan to help him test his recently repaired body in the field. Gohan notices 16 feeding some deer while they are both in the forest, and the two become friends over their similar love of animals.

16 thinks Gohan has a noble ambition in becoming what he hopes would be a model student. Gohan disagrees with 16’s assessment that he is a flawed failure because he lacks the audacity and bravery that his human prototype Gevo did. As a result of their newfound friendship, Gohan and 16 work up to chase away poachers who are after the surrounding deer’s furs. After they triumph, 16 thanks Gohan for his assistance in the fight as well as for aiding in his recovery, but he also admits that the real reason he asked Gohan to go with him was to test Gohan’s strength by taking on the Saiyan himself. However, 16 realises there is no longer a need for this, noting that Gohan’s immense power surpasses all of his.During the Cell Games, 16’s prophecy comes true when, in his final moments, he serves as the impetus for Gohan’s ascent, using his words to encourage Gohan to stop suppressing his strength and awaken it.

Despite being trained to destroy Goku, 16 does not actually despise him. In Xenoverse 2, Android 16 makes it known that he acknowledges Goku’s virtue and that he would love to be free from his programming. When Android 21 transferred his memory into the new body, the new version of Android 16 did not maintain his programme to kill Goku, as he remarks when he encounters a Goku Clone in the video game FighterZ.

Android 16 Family

And since Dr. Gero based 16 on his son, who lost his life in combat, Android 21 is 16’s mother. This is further supported by the fact that she is wearing her wedding band, which serves as more indication that 21 is modelled after Dr. Gero’s wife and 16’s mother.

Android 16 power

Android 16 is unquestionably more potent than Androids 17 and 18, canonically more powerful than Android 13, and appears to be on par with Imperfect Cell in terms of strength, whom he eventually defeats. Unfortunately, Cell would finally prevail despite his superior power, beheading 16 after changing.


Dr. Gero conceived Android 16 as an imperfect android that would only be made possible by synthetic technology. He was based on Gevo, a distinguished Red Ribbon soldier who was shot and killed by the enemy long ago and was Gero’s dead son. Gero built him strong out of love, but he did not want him to be defeated in combat, so he also made him compassionate. Dr. Gero decides not to activate Android 16 because his programming hasn’t been finished, for fear that he would harm Android 17 and Android 18. Dr. Gero even calls Android 16 a “prototype” in one instance.

From Gero’s point of view, Android 16’s most notable flaw is probably his intrinsically peaceful disposition, frequently connecting with nature rather than following Gero’s instructions, making him comparable to Android 8 even if he is still dedicated to completing his mission on eliminating Goku. Dr. Gero’s prediction eventually comes to pass, as Android 16’s contented demeanour prompts him to make an attempt to destroy Cell in an effort to end the grave threat Cell posed to world peace. Android 16 is very silent and typically only speaks when necessary. He is also the only character to mention that Android versions 17 and 18 are good.This can be observed in the timeline of Future Trunks where Android 16 is not present and is likely not activated. This may be because Future Trunks is a peaceful person or because Future Goku has already passed away as a result of the Heart virus and is therefore no longer required.

As Future Android 16 is discovered and reprogrammed by Towa (in parallel timelines generated as a result of the 2nd Future Warrior correcting Towa’s modifications), it is revealed in Xenoverse 2 that Future Android 16 does in fact exist in Future Trunks’ timeline. In order to kill Future Gohan in Age 780 and Future Trunks in Age 785, Future Android 16 is awakened and teams up with Future Androids 17 and 18; however, both times it was thwarted by the 2nd Future Warrior and ultimately destroyed.

Android 16 death

During the conflict with Cell, which was much more evil than Dr. Gero’s other creations, Android 16 was destroyed. Prior to the battle, Gohan in particular had grown to regard 16 as a sort of ally.

 Android 16 last words

Android 16 gave the young warrior some parting advice in his final moments before being killed by Cell: “It’s not a crime to fight for good”.

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