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An Amazing Review About Big Johnson T Shirts.

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T-shirts made under the Big Johnson company portray E. Normus Johnson in sexually suggestive comic art.

Due to the controversy surrounding the sexual innuendo,  the shirts and court orders prohibited sales in federal offices. Maryland Brand Management, Inc. (MBM), the organisation that replaced Maryland Screen Printers Inc. (MSP) and G & C Sales, Inc., markets Big Johnson.


To manufacture and promote clothing while relying on suppliers, Garrett and Craig Pfeifer founded G & C Sales in 1986. Aufgrund der rapid expansion outpacing the capacity of its suppliers, MSP was established in 1988, giving the brothers control over their own production. Inc. included MSP on the list of America’s fastest growing businesses in 1993 and 1994. The most well-known MBM product is unquestionably Big Johnson t-shirts and clothing. The brand reached its pinnacle in the 1990s, with sales of $6.5 million in 1992 ($12.6 million today), $16.5 million in 1994 ($30.2 million), and $20 million in 1996 ($34.6 million).

The business also briefly supported Johnny Rumley, a Busch Grand National Series NASCAR driver. 13,000 people were a part of the Big Johnson fan club in 1995. Garrett Pfeifer founded Maryland Brand Management, Inc. in 2006. Big Johnson was responsible for 60% of MSP’s sales during that time, and from 1990 to 1994, revenues increased by 200% annually. MBM celebrated 20 years of Big Johnson clothing in 2009.

Shop Owner

when a U.S. district court ordered a gift shop owner at the National Fire Academy in Emmitsburg, Maryland decision to remove sexually suggestive T-shirts and cards from his store, which was housed in a federal building, the company’s goods became the subject of a First Amendment case involving the United States.

The sale of things which denote sexually offensive and discriminating remarks, depictions, or photos is in violation of federal law and promotes a hostile and sexually offensive environment,” the ruling stated. The owner asked a judge to enjoin the US Fire Administration.

A few months after the court’s decision, the case was resolved, and the gift shop received more space in exchange for giving up the abDespite being two of MBM’s biggest clients, Disney World and Kings Dominion forbid wearing Big Johnson shirts in their theme parks. Big Johnson now offers lines of clothing for bikers, firefighters, and police in addition to E. Normus Johnson shirts.Constitution in 1995.

E.Normus Johnson

According to brandchannel, he is “a geekier version of Alfred E. Neuman from MAD magazine.” Al Via, a screenprinting artist for Maryland Screenprinters, developed the character around 1988 or 1989.  The mascot had 120 cartoon representations in the Big Johnson T-shirt line by 1995. Puns like “Big Johnson Fire Department: Break out your hose and pumper,” “Big Johnson Fishing Gear: She’ll be ready to bite as soon as your fly drops,” and “Big Johnson Bar and Casino: Liquor up front” are some examples that go with artistic representations of E. Normus.

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