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Amazing service for injuries or car accident cases in Memphis, TN. We are providing you with our Injury Lawyers to help you in such cases.

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Basic information: Let us help you when you get into car accidents or get seriously injured. Amazing service for injuries or car accident cases in Memphis, TN.  Our contact number is  (901) 441-9838. In case of any emergency, you can now contact us on this number. Here is Henry E. Reeves III Attorney, founder, and CEO. Provide us with the following information to contact us. Your name……., Email………, and how can we help you?. Our injury lawyers are always ready to serve you in injury or accident cases in Memphis, TN.

Our lawyers will help you fully to get your legal right at reasonable compensation. Over the years, Our lawyers became the voice of many helpless people and many people who were wronged. They became the voice of people injured in accidents and get them their rights. David to the Goliath of the corporations are our clients, they are cruel to them.


And they felt that no one will listen to their voice, but our firm’s slogan is “Let Us Be Your Voice.” We are the voice of those helpless people who think they have been badly trapped and none will care about the blunders they have faced. If you are facing such trouble, contact Reaves Law Firm, PLLC. There may you injure in an accident, badly hurt by a slip or fall, or you are filing a wrongful death claim, we will try our best to help you secure meaningful results. Our strong background and high-quality legal guidance and strong evidence help for your justice.


About Personal Injury Law Firm.

As our motto is “Let Us Be Your Voice” is helping you in and out of the courtroom. Our skillful team of lawyers has been always ready to protect and fight for the rights of the victim. We furnish the innocent accident victims with the best lawyer at the time when they battle serious injuries. An accident takes away all happiness, emotions, and physical strength. In such conditions when one sees dark all around, we turn on the light of hope. At that time you were begging for help and contacting insurance companies who don’t care for the circumstances they are facing.


But from Reaves Law Firm’s platform, your voice becomes our voice and your protection becomes our priority. Regardless of the complexities of the case, our Memphis personal injury attorneys are always ready to fight for their rights. That’s the reason we are the best in this field.


Our outclassed services and commitment to our clients make us different from clients. We are maintaining our legacy of recovering millions of dollars from those who hurt the victim by their negligence. However, we consume this money for the settlement and rehabilitation of victims.


Why do you turn on Memphis’s injury attorneys?


Our legal team of a personal injury lawyer specializes in such cases. They know the nature of the case and have extraordinary knowledge in depth. We have eagle eyes into insurance companies based on prior work as defense attorneys. There are well aware of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocate Forum. Our advocates go in-depth into the case and take offensive moves for clients. Clients can ask about our services, for this purpose, we offer a free, no-obligation initial conference.

The thing that makes us unique is to proceed to work on claims without charging a fee.However, we charge our fee only when we win compensation for our clients. Memphis personal injury attorney team is always available for your help to discuss anything about our concerns. This service is available 24/7 and our legal guidance is available for your benefit until the end of the case.

How to consult with us.

There are many things that you bring to proceed with the evaluation of your lawsuit. Your provided things help us to go deep into your case.

Here are some things that you provide us mentioned below.

  • Tell us everything you know about the at-fault party, such as his name, information about the vehicle, where he lives, or anything else you know about him.
  • Show us all the details about your accident and injury bills.
  • Bills and medical care of the injured person and list of doctors who treated him and all the expenses occur during your recovery.
  • A description of everything that happened at the scene, such as photographs of the injury, the damage to your vehicle, and details of any scratches or bruises on your body.
  • You can give us a list and contact information of witnesses at the scene.
  • Along with this, you can give letters to any insurance company.
  • Provide us with copies of health insurance and auto insurance cards if you are involved so that we can proceed with the case.
  • You tell us the details of all the situations that occur at the location.

How can you contact us.

We are providing our numbers and contacts to approach us.

Our Territory

Reaves Law Firm, PLLC

Our address of, Main Office is available  below.

1991 Corporate Avenue

Suite 310

Memphis, TN 38132


However, our downtown Address is

254 Court Ave

Ste. 102A

Memphis, TN 38103


Our address of Jackson Office

1808 N State Street

Jackson, MS 39202


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