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The prostitute Alix Tichelman indicated on murder charges over death of second man

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The call girl, Alix Tichelman, was in lock up for three years after giving a fatal dose of heroin to a Google executive. She is now again suspicious of injecting heroin dose to a second man.

The 31-year-old prostitute stayed in jail for six years due to her involvement in the murder of Forrest Hayes, the owner of a popular Atlanta music venue, The Masquerade. The father of five children found dead on a yacht in California in 2013 due to overdose of drugs. The police investigated and sent Alix to jail in 2015 for involuntary manslaughter and administering drugs to him.

She stayed in jail for three years and then released before the completion of her punishment as she already served for one year. In 2013, the death of Dean Riopelle, her ex-boyfriend, also indicated her  murder charges. He died at the age of 53 in Georgia due to overdose of heroin, alcohol and oxycodone.

She injected Hayes with heroin and police of California charged her. Riopelle died two months before the death of Hayes.

The attorney of Fulton Country District, Paul Howard, said that she has to leave Canada and to settle in Fulton Country, Georgia. The media dubbed her as ‘Call Girl Killer’.

In 2013, Alix Tichelman injected Google executive with an overdose of heroin. She did not call for any help when he was suffering from pain. She left him dying on his yacht in the Santa Cruz harbor. Police got a surveillance video showed her getting panic at first and then trying to resuscitate him.

Then she composed herself, stepped over his body, finished a glass of wine and left the yacht.

Hayes met her on a website and came to her a few times before his death on November 26. He started chatting with her and hired Alix for drug-fueled sex. The website ‘Seeking Arrangement’ is familiar for pairing ‘sugar babies’ with rich older women or men.

Alix Tichelman

Hayes got a job at the top secret Google X office, but his death in Santa Cruz did not allow him to work there.
The police indicated her in death case of Riopelle, but she had denied any connection with his death. She said that he was taking overdoses of drugs which became the cause of his death. Police re-investigated the death of her lover, Riopelle, because he died in the same way as Hayes.

Alix Tichelman and Riopelle dated for two and a half years. They were living a happy life together in the beginning of their relationship. In 2014, Khristina Brucker said to MailOnline: ‘I lived with them in their home as a nanny to children’s of Riopelle , a 15-year-old son and 13-year-old daughter.

There was much peace in the home before Tichelman. She came to the home and created an environment of fear and violence. Alix used to tell us that Hayes death was not her first time when she stepped over a dead body and left.’

‘She was a cruel and annoying lady. I never saw such double-faced lady in my whole life. She put an irreversible rift in the family. Alix made both of the children mentally disturbed and sick.

Riopelle was popular among his fans for his voice and sexually explicit lyrics. He was the lead singer of rock band and his wild stage performances gave goose bumps to everyone.

On stage, people called him by name of ‘13’ and when he came back from the show he was the owner of Masquerade. This music venue of Atlanta is famous for punk, metal and rock acts. This may provoke the call girl Tichelman to be in relationship with him.

They spent a lot of time together, went to clubs and listened to every kind of music that she liked such as sadism, dominance, bondage etc. But between May and August 2012, Christina left the home because of behavior of Tichelman. But Tichelman never stopped there and made his boyfriend addicted to her.

Christina said: ‘His boyfriend and my boss appeared uncomfortable when she was not around. Tichelman was much confident with her. She thought herself as the most beautiful girl in the world. She was very vain and jealous kind of girl.’

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