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Alison Roman is accused to wear an offensive outfit chola

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There is a claim of wearing Halloween costume Chola on the suspended New York Times food
columnist in 2008. Alison Roman is an author of a cookbook and her column pulled in results of backlash for commenting on Chrissy Teigen and Marie Kondo. Yashar Ali shared Alison

Roman’s photo of a party received by a source in which she was wearing Chola dress, he shared
this photo on hid old MySpace account.But Alison respond her by saying it’s a shameful photo that was taken in 2008, when I was just 23 years old and living in SF. That was my Amy
Winehouse inspired costume for Halloween.I wore it when I was a young child and unaware

from the world. According to me, it was a traditional dress but I did not know well about it.
I did not know the reaction of people toward that costume. But I’m feeling sorry for that. Actually, Chola is a specific dress for Mexican-American community. Ali mentioned to note her
appearance including her hoop earrings, fake tattoo printed on her chest and her make up to his

The late Amy Winehouse wore this dress in 2007 and I wore that dress in
2008. Later, Ali delete the tweet citing to Alison Roman by saying there is lot of debate on it,
therefore I deleted it. This was Alison’s MySpace page and you can search it on Google, it her
recent history.

Alison Roman

Journalist says, I don’t believe such photos because these are not newsworthy. But this photo is
related with many recent issues that is why, I tweeted it on my account. But she is little bit
different from Amy’s photo, there was not tattoo in English on her chest and she did not wear
such earrings.

Roman got pardon for wearing the late Amy’s dress. Ali tweeted about the matter
that Alison has gotten pardon from a friend and I like truth and accountability in opinion.

But Roman said, I compared myself with Amy and I felt lazy and ugly in that costume. Lots of
people defend her by tweeting Tegan’s photos in American native dress. Some fans said, we
know why are you calling out Alison because you are good friends and there was a some issues
related to notorious tweet. They have already soughed out that matter but you are an average and
unprofessional for this.

Alison Roman
Other send Winehouse photo in similar outfits of Roman. Roman’s column pulled after her
debating on Chrissy Teigen. During an interview with The New Consumer on 7 May, she said,
Teigen’s pure kingdom was creating horror for me. She has a well known cookbook and has
more than million followers on her Instagram page. It makes me afraid and it is not such thing
that I can’t do it. But she is making lot of money.

Later Roman conflicted with Marie Kondo for her content. Then a new war of backlashes started
on Twitter.The chef was born in Los Angeles and she tweeted about the income of women. She said genuinely sorry by her tweet and said it was reckless. Later she apologized from Teigen and
she accepted it by saying, Roman faced abuses on her children for long time.

When her column pulled on 19 May from New York Times, Teigen said it is not good and I’m not agree with it.
You can not stop anyone to say truth about the system. Every one has freedom to share true
opinion. Another tweet by The Sports Illustrated model, “I publicly forgave Allison and it was a
real statement.

Alison Roman


Alison Roman

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